Booze Cruise Or Snooze Cruise? Cruise Guides For The Younger Traveller


It may not be a holiday destination you might think of when you’re looking to let your hair down. But heading on a cruise can have the stigma of being for a person with a tendency towards the more relaxing side of life. While cruises do have the image of being for people over 40 or those that just want to ride out their last pennies of their pension, there are cruises that cater for people of all types of energy level. If you want to relax while staring at the sea, there are many wonderful cruises that you can take. If you are looking for alternative styles of sailing the high seas, have a look at these.


Are you looking for an adventure but you are ready to leave the backpack at home? There are expedition cruise lines like Hurtigruten. You will go to the action in the Arctic and Antarctic via the Norweigan fjords. If you like your cruises sociable, you can get on the larger ships and get to know your fellow expeditors and adventurers. You can search for polar bears, watch the Northern Lights, ski across a glacier and snorkel in Antarctica to name a few of the activities you can do. If you like your cruises with a bit more action than traction, then this is the way to go!

Carnival Cruise Line

The person that needs to relax can enjoy a cruise in the Mediterranean, and that is fine for most of us. But do you like your nightlife? This is the equivalent of the 18-30 holiday on the high seas. Carnival started the concept of mass cruising with a collection of “Fun Ships.” There are plenty of bars like Alchemy. And if you are missing the big game, there is the EA Sports bar complete with giant screens. As well as these, there are mixology competitions and you can even learn how to DJ with DJ Irie. And those are the night activities! During the day you have access to the SkyRide cycling track and outdoor sports area SportsSquare. But if that’s too much for you after partying all night you can relax in the Serenity Retreat area, which has huge day beds and hammocks. So you can get rested to start all over again when it gets dark!

Thomson Cruises

While the majority of the younger traveller are care-free, partygoers, there are some of us that need family-friendly cruises. Thomson provide many packages for young families. There are Kids Clubs which suit age groups 3 to 5, 6 to 8 and 9 to 11 years old. There are shore excursions that are suitable for all ages and for the whole family. These include waterpark visits to swimming with dolphins! When it comes to being a young family, money is always the big question looming. Luckily children get a discounted price on the actual cruise and the excursions. Have you got a big family? There are Family Suites available which can sleep up to seven people.

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