By Bus, Bike or Foot: Canna Tourism is Growing Strong in Beautiful Oregon


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A few western states have legalized the growth and sale of marijuana.  There are limitations; for example, in Portland you cannot smoke in public, and an indoor air act limits smoking activity.

However, limitations do not stop the growing popularity of cannabis.  While the sale and consumption levels continue to rise, vendors look for a variety of ways to cash in on the crop.

Like brewery tours, cannabis growers and vendors provide the people with pot-related tours.  Whether by bus, bike, or foot, anxious advocates await the opportunity to see operations related to the cash crop.

Canna Bus

The Canna Bus takes enthusiasts on tours of Portland’s prized dispensaries, labs, and grow shops.  Knowledgeable staff members take patrons on tours via a party bus or private limo.

The vehicles are equipped with sound systems, flat-screen televisions, leather seats, tables, and more. Portland is more than proud of the grade of marijuana it produces, and the tours does their best to provide patrons with a taste of what the state’s industry has to offer.

The tour operates in accordance with regulations and state laws.  Attendants must be at least 21 years of age or have a medical marijuana patient card.

Bridgetown Weed Tour

The founders of the tour have been heavily involved in the Oregon marijuana industry and pride themselves on face-to-face connections.  One of the values of the Bridgetown tours is enjoying the built connections made by the founders with local growers, dispensaries, and those closely involved and invested in the industry.

Choose from the early bird, grasshopper, or night owl tours.  All participants need to have a valid ID and be 21 or over.  Tours include access to state-of-the-art grow facilities, smoking lounges, bars stocked with cannabis-infused beverages, cannabis cafes, and top-rated marijuana boutiques.

High Five Tours

High Five Tours takes you along in a mellow yellow bus.  You have a few options to choose from to see and sample the weed in Oregon.

The Canna PDX tour takes you to two top dispensaries and then a blown glass shop.  The Midnight Munchies tour takes you to one dispensary, a food cart stop, and ends at a dessert destination.

The Farm tour takes you to the PSU farmer’s market and then ends with a farm-to-table lunch.  The Plant to Pipe tour takes you to a grow operation, a dispensary, and then a head shop that features fine glass pieces.

The Choose Your Own Adventure option leaves the bus’ destination dependent on your whims.

Pedal Bike Tours

If you love pot but you are more of a biker and less of a couch potato, you will love a bike tour consisting of 11 miles of Portland’s cannabis industry.

The tour starts with a history of hemp and pot in the country and state.  Then, you’ll bike to a number of dispensaries and head shops in the area where you’ll see the best locally-grown herbs as well as fine hand-blown glass devices.

The tour includes a bike, helmet, guided tour, and some great-tasting snacks (vegan options available).

Christopher Brim is based in Portland, Oregon and has made his career in the travel industry. Chris has recently started spending more time writing articles which affect the local community based around changes in the tourism industry.

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