How to enjoy luxury Business and First Class travel to Asia for less

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As you well know, we love ourselves a bit of premier cabin luxury here at Grown-up Travel Guide. The pre-take off drinks, the gourmet meals on real china with proper silverware, the fully flat beds…but then there’s the cost. If it wasn’t for that, we’d fly that way every time.

That’s a bit of a no-brainer, I know. We have explained at length about making the most of airline loyalty schemes – earning or buying the points necessary to redeem First and Business Class flights. But what if that just won’t work for the route you have in mind?

There is another way. Instead of just searching for premium class tickets on an airline’s own website or using an online travel agent to compare fares, make use of a true specialist whose only mission is to negotiate the best prices for such flights.

Step forward Ultimate Class Airfares.

Their team of experts has many years of experience finding the best airlines and routes with discounts up to 75%. But we’re not talking about budget airlines – whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Ultimate Class Airfares can get you there in luxury and style.

They can take care of travel arrangements, with all of the top airlines, to and from any destination in the world. And they even have a specialized team dedicated to travel to and from Asia.

No matter what your requirements, these guys and gals can help. It doesn’t matter if you are planning months in advance or have left it to the last minute – contact them for a quote and you will likely be pleasantly surprised.


Image (c) Ultimate Class Airfares

The team will find you the best First Class and Business Class discounted airline tickets – whether you’re planning a multi-city holiday across Europe or you have an important business meeting in Hong Kong.

Ultimate Class Airfares takes the worries and hassles out of business and leisure travel. Your comfort is their number one priority, and the company is proud of consistently exceeding the expectations of even its most discerning clients.

Just provide them with basic travel information, including your departure and return dates and where you’re travelling to and from, and Ultimate Class Airfares will take care of the rest.

Soon after you’ll receive a customized quote to match your requirements – and you can look forward to enjoying the journey as well as the destination the next time you fly.

There are no hidden fees, either – so what you see is what you pay!

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