Can a Staycation Add That Zing Back in Your Life Post-Break-up?

Detachment from relationships is never easy whoever took the last call – be it you or the other person. Ending a relationship that you have nourished for a long time can be a mixed bag of emotions. You can feel lonely, angry, worried, or a little confused or relieved.

Science puts the phase of “passing through the grieving process” as an act of healing. Should you sulk on the sofa and kill time during this phase?

Instead, you can choose to travel and uplift your mood. Research data suggests that traveling can be a good way to help you heal and recover during this grieving process. But what do you do if you can not take a long vacation?

Taking an impulse-buy decision and opting for a staycation can be on your cards.

Can It Elevate Your Mood?

A study done to find out the chief motivators for mood upliftment lists Travelling at the top.

Small gateways over the weekend or a small staycation can have a positive impact on your mind. Your state of coping with the stress of a break-up can improve significantly.

A crucial aspect of a gateway is the planning phase leading to the actual travel. Merely thinking and planning for the trip can boost your mood. Since you are looking forward to what will happen next even before you leave, your excitement will tide over the break-up depression.

Get yourself a place to stay, surrounded by interesting spots and happening markets or areas you would love to be in the middle of.

A Change of Space

A change of place away from your normal surroundings will help you lees indulge in the recent past. There will be many new things to ponder over and occupy your mind with. If it seems like a run away from reality, then you should remember that a distraction is not always bad.

Top psychologists say that for emotion regulation distraction is one of the easier forms that we can opt for. In a grief situation, distraction can help you not get lost and stay connected to the present.

Let us consider you are someone, who likes the New York City culture and has been meaning to visit it on several occasions. But have not been able to do so for some reason or the other. It is your chance to do just that. You may get a glimpse of the cultural hotspots like Hudson Yards, Madison Square Garden, High Line, and Chelsea Market.

Selina Chelsea Manhattan Hotel can aid to be your staycation partner, with its beautiful garden and rooftop bar. And, it is a few steps away from the heart of New York City culture.

You have reached, now what? Indulge yourself in a lavish breakfast spread, and it can help you wade off the mounting thoughts a little. Staying back at your place could have let people you know come and advise you on relationships. But at this juncture, you would want to avoid such conversation. So on your trip, you can get around and explore freely without any glaring eyes or sudden popping comments.

You can explore the Chelsea Market for upscale eateries, boutique farm stands, or pop-up shops. As the sun sets, you may head out to get a glimpse of NYC’s eclectic nightlife scene.

Choosing a Support Squad

The decision of choosing the right travel partner for your staycation also plays a pivotal role. It is okay to go solo, or you can choose a friend or family member to accompany you. But be careful in your selection as you do not want someone, who now and then would whine about the past. Also, do not get overwhelmed by a bunch. Two is okay, and three is a good company, more than that is just the crowd.

What All Not to Do

The staycation can prove to be a good distraction, still, the physical pain from the grief may bother you. Your body and mind are intertwined, hence facing a ‘Broken heart syndrome’ is pretty obvious.

Experiencing a few mild health ailments is common. Experts suggest whether you are at home or a hotel make sure to maintain the health basics. It means taking care of your hygiene, having enough sleep, and exercising. But that does not mean you have to hit the hotel gym right away. You may choose to explore the new place by walking around.

People often choose alcohol or drugs to numb their feelings. A wounded traveler under the influence of alcohol is a risky proposition. So, when you hit the hotel bar or go out to explore the nightlife, be cautious.

Although such a staycation or trip may prove to be healing for your broken self, do not expect it to have a life-changing impact on you. The memories of the past relationship will not easily go away. You as a person will remain the same. It can aid to be a reliever but not be a magical cure.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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