Can you handle the heat? Your guide to the hottest places on Earth

Travelling is all about discovering destinations you’ve always dreamed of visiting, immersing yourself within new and exciting cultures and enjoying every moment of discovery along the way. It takes a lot of mental and physical preparation to go travelling – especially if you’re taking the kids along for the ride – you’ll probably pack and repack your suitcase more than once, double check your travel plans, rewrite your itinerary before and after you reach your destination and spend a lot of time researching health and travel insurance before you leave. LED Hut have created a helpful infographic to give you a little destination inspiration.

But despite all this, the mental and physical preparation for travelling isn’t always the hardest aspect, it is in fact choosing where you want to go! When it comes to travelling, the world is literally at your feet. If you’re searching for a rich culture and a detailed history then you might consider the Far East. If you’re currently experiencing winter in your home country, with dark nights and freezing temperatures then somewhere hot is probably the answer. But could you handle it in the hottest places on Earth? Check out this infographic below to find out!