Check out these two great video clips of two great cities

Now and again a video clip or set of images really stand out from the daily mass of new content on the internet, and yesterday was one of those days. Here for your visual pleasure are two beautiful films showcasing some of the attractions of two of the best cities in the world – namely London and Chicago.

First up here’s a film of the London skyline, showing you just how big that Shard thing is. It was shot by Jason Hawkes who really knows how to put together aerial footage to make a compelling clip.

[vimeo 40950267]

Have a look at more of his work at the Jason Hawkes website; it’s mind-boggling.

Next we cross the Atlantic for the very shiny promo video made for the NATO conference to show off what Chicago has to offer. Enjoy…


For both of these videos you should open them up into full screen and preferably watch them in HD for the full effect.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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