Chill Out On Holiday: Top Destinations For Sun, Sea, Sand And Sleep

Not all of us want action packed holidays every year. Sometimes, especially during the summer, we deserve a break away from everything – from our homes, our jobs, and the general stresses of everyday life. Here are some tips on the top places to go to for incredible, relaxing summer vacations.



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There’s almost nowhere better to go on a relaxing holiday than to Menorca. The smallest of the Balearic islands, it definitely doesn’t match up to Majorca or Ibiza in terms of nightlife, but it absolutely excels at peacefulness. With gorgeous bright blue skies and pristine beaches – check out Son Parc first thing in the morning, with its pink sand – Menorca is a perfect holiday destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the beach, take a dip in the pool, and go out to eat some incredible seafood at night.

You can venture out to the Mahon market one day, and check out the port town of Fornells at night, but other than that, take the opportunity to bask in the sun and brush up on your Spanish.



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Home of pristine countryside and absolutely impeccable cream teas, Dorset will provide you with the British seaside holiday of your dreams. You may have heard bad things about British weather but the truth is that it’s probably better than what you imagine – although would it be so bad to spend a cosy rainy day tucked up on the couch with a good book?

Take a fossil walk along the beach, try out the celebrated Moores Biscuits (cookies to Americans!), and sample the incredible ice cream and fish and chips on the sea front. Just make sure you take a raincoat for the less sunny days!



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One of the most fashionable Greek islands, Mykonos is known for its thriving nightlife, its welcoming attitude towards LGBT vacationers, its excellent restaurants, and its beautiful weather. It’s located southeast of mainland Greece in the Aegean Sea, nearby to the island of Delos, which is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece.

Once you’ve taken in a little history during the day, enjoy the beautiful beaches and the baking hot sun before doing exactly what you want to in the evening – whether that’s eat incredible food, go to a bar, or party all night long before sleeping off your hangover at Mykonos Villas the next morning.



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Known for its laidback attitude, Jamaica is one of the most popular Caribbean islands thanks to its fame as the home country of the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley and the combination of its bustling urban culture and its relaxed vibe. Take in the sights, from the busy, vibrant urban culture of Kingston to the luxurious Montego Bay.

If you want to find a party, you’ll be able to – but if you’d rather spend your days relaxing on the beach, you can do that too. Jamaican cuisine is also incredible, from jerk chicken to tropical fruits to the national dish of ackee and saltfish to fried plaintain.

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