What to Do in the Countryside During Your Weekend Staycation


Have you just booked yourself a weekend getaway? Well, to make the most of it, you should give a little bit of thought to what you’re going to do. A holiday cottage nestled in the countryside is the perfect place to rest and recuperate, and an open log fire with a beautiful view is bound to make you feel better! Stop checking your social media feeds and try these ideas instead…

Explore your surroundings

Whether you’ve rented a place in the beautiful Yorkshire dales, or have booked to stay in a charming cottage on the Cornish coast, you’d be crazy to miss out on seeing what the countryside has to offer you. For example, holidaymakers heading to the south west of England might enjoy a day out exploring creeks and coves, wild coastlines and country parks. You could also hop in the car and drive around towns and villages, drinking in the charm of whitewashed houses and cobblestone streets – if you’re brave enough to navigate those winding country lanes, that is!

Do you need to stay in one place?

The great thing about staycations in the modern age is that there are so many types of camper vans and caravans you can go wherever you want! You can find info on Kombi vans and so many types of motorhomes online that you can find something to suit your budget and plan a road trip around the country, settling in campsites and truly getting to grips with the open road. A staycation doesn’t mean you have to stay in one place. Take plenty of picnic provisions and you can have a wonderful experience out in the countryside.

Take the dog for a long walk

If you’re taking your four legged friend on holiday with you, why not plan long dog walks? Download an app such as iFootpath to discover highly recommended walks in the area you’re headed to, clocking up the miles over forest trails, fields and fells. Pack your walking boots, pull on a waterproof jacket and head outdoors: the fresh air will do you good, and your dog will be so well-rested that he’ll fall fast asleep in front of a roaring fire when you return to your warm little cottage!

Hunker down at the local pub

Of course, the English countryside also offers some lovely country pubs. So, pick one of the many historic inns that pepper the landscape, pull up a chair in the corner and enjoy a pint or a glass of wine after a long day outdoors. The old beams, the uneven floorboards and a flickering candle on your table makes a country pub the perfect place to really slow down and enjoy the tranquillity of a rural lifestyle. Mix with the locals, and perhaps even order a pub dinner while you’re there.

Enjoy the entertainment in the cottage

Of course, exploring the countryside is best done in fair weather. So what can you do during a weekend staycation if it’s pouring down outside? Well, many holiday cottages are filled with books and DVDs for holidaymakers. Spend a rainy afternoon watching the films provided, flicking through magazines and getting lost in a good novel. Most of all, savour the fact that there aren’t many opportunities to just immerse yourself in good story. So, don’t feel guilty for not being outdoors while you’re in the countryside – just enjoy it!

These are just a handful of ideas of the kinds of things you can do in the countryside during a weekend staycation. If you’re a little more daring, be sure to rent a holiday cottage with activities like rock climbing, abseiling and caving nearby, or if you’re more of a creative type, rent a place with a fantastic view from a window and see if you’re inspired to make beautiful art work, writing or photography.

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