Crawling The Length Of Croatia


Whether you like socialising with people or exploring uncharted territory by yourself, travel is the perfect way to broaden the mind. It’s always worth pushing yourself and going to new places. Even those places that you think may not necessarily figure high on your bucket list.

Croatia is a prime example, but there are so many different things you can do there to benefit a family going on holiday or just yourself hitching a ride with a backpack…

Explore The Croatian Coastline

You can rent a car and go between Dubrovnik and Split, witnessing the beautiful coastline and wondrous sights. But you can also choose to charter a boat via the Booknsail yachting agency and relax as you observe white sandy beaches, quaint villages, or just the beautiful blue sky above you.

Heading down the Croatian coastline can allow you to stop at numerous places along the way, either to relax or taste some local seafood. It is the best seafood you will ever have in the Mediterranean, and that is no small feat! But go at your own pace, and remember to be spontaneous. If someplace looks good, check it out!

Hitting The Festivals

Croatia has a bustling festival calendar. From beach parties to art gatherings, or rock music and dance DJ events, there are so many things to keep you entertained. It’s all dependent on your taste. If you want more culture, get down to Zagreb during the spring or autumn months for arts and theatre.

But if you want something a bit more fun, you can go to the Dimensions Festival in Pula, where you can get your fill of dub and reggae music, the perfect accompaniment to a long sunny day. Or if you want something a little more relaxed, the Đakovo Folk Festival at the end of September provides a very comfortable and regional approach to folk music.

Culinary Croatia

If you have food high on your priority list, you need to experience Mediterranean cuisine across the country. The great thing about Croatian food is that it’s relatively free from fuss, it is fresh, but always tasty. If you want an exceptional dining experience, head to Pelegrini in Šibenik in and bask in a marvellously modern menu, while soaking in the culture of the Cathedral of St. James’, situated across the road.

If you want something a bit more traditional, Konoba Fetivi is one of the best restaurants in Split, hands down. This family-run eatery provides more than its fair share of local specialities. If you want comfort food, get yourself there. And if you wish to see the beautiful views of Croatian architecture, Above 5 in Dubrovnik is based on the fifth floor of the Hotel Stari Grad, where you can feast on the most exquisite Mediterranean cuisine.

Croatia is replete with beauty and unique things, this is merely skimming the surface. There are so many islands, and a sunny climate, once you’ve touched down, you may never want to leave, and that is no bad thing!


Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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