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Romance is a human universal. Wherever you are in the world, you can be sure that people are flirting with their eyes, exchanging gifts and cracking jokes to impress the opposite sex. Wherever there are lonely people, there will always be people looking for love.

Travelers feel the need for companionship just like anyone else, but it can be hard to date in different cultures when you are only there for a short time.

Despite this, it’s worth the effort. Dating when you travel is a great way to enjoy your trips more and get to know people you wouldn’t normally meet.

The question is, how can backpackers, business travelers and ordinary holidaymakers meet up with local people and stay safe when they try dating abroad? Here are some ideas.

Do a Little Research on Local Taboos

Every culture has do’s and don’ts. It could be hugging your date instead of kissing in France, being late in Germany or moving a little too quickly with physical intimacy in the UK.

Always read up on what makes local cultures tick and pay attention to well-known cultural quirks. It could be the difference between a lovely evening and a first date disaster.

Use Popular Local Dating Sites

If you are traveling, finding dates can be the major problem. Or at least it used to be. Nowadays, you can fire up your smartphone and tindr everyone within a few miles.

However, dating sites might be a better way to go. You can set up a dating profile to use as you travel around, letting potential dates know that you are only in town for a while.

That way, you won’t let anyone down too much and you can also check out their detailed profiles to find out if they are your kind of person.

Be Careful About Date Venues

When you date abroad, it’s not much fun if you stick to tourist districts. That’s one of the great things about hooking up with locals. They can show you the best restaurants and bars that most travelers never see.

However, stay vigilant when you agree to meet up. There are usually no-go areas in major cities that foreigners should probably avoid. Don’t meet at their home either.

Stick to busy, popular venues that aren’t tourist traps and are close to transport links.

Don’t Expect Full-On Romance

Dating when you travel isn’t the same as dating in your home town. It’s certainly possible to use apps and dating sites to arrange simple hook-ups, but many people who connect with travelers online are really the kind of locals who love to show off their city and fine-tune their language skills.

Always be aware that your date may just be keen on making friends. You might not kindle a passionate romance, but you could make a lifetime contact who can show you secret places in the city they love.

Don’t Just Talk About Your Home Country

Finally, try to keep an open mind when you date abroad. Dating people from other countries is a wonderful chance to discover the food, music, art and sense of humor that make them who they are.

It might be tempting to talk about yourself, but it’s better to listen and ask questions. You may never pass by that way again.

Don’t be afraid to date when you travel. Smartphones have made it easier than ever to meet up with people in almost every corner of the world. Bear in mind their cultural quirks, be realistic and keep your wits about you and you’ll have a fantastic time.

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Andy Higgs

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