At the last training session Tuesday night, the Argentine-preferred to stop his session. Simple precaution or forfeit expected?

The misfortune of some. You know the saying. On Tuesday evening, the PSG of Unai Emery carried out its last installation before fighting with Arsenal. And all eyes were turned towards Angel Di Maria. Touched on the thigh Saturday against Nantes, the Argentine appears in the Parisian group while travelling in London, but remained uncertain given his state of shape of the moment. On the lawn of the London club, the Parisian winger was finally unable to participate in the entire day’s session, stopping his training before the traditional tactical set-up. “Di Maria wants to play, but there is still a doubt,” explained the Paris coach. We’ll see after the last training with the doctor and the physio. Now the football rules slot is available at online casinos for the football lovers out there. This is a Five-Reel, twenty-five-line multi line slot game with the work, visit https://www.casinoaus.com.au to place bet on your favourite football player.


A great opportunity for Ben Arfa to hit a big shot

Suffice to say that the news is not reassuring on the side of the player and the PSG. According to our colleagues of L’Equipe, the Argentinian international is “quasi-forfait”. If the track of the blow of bluff is not to be discarded, the absence of the former player of the Real on the lawn Wednesday night seems more close to the reality. A package that would be added to those of Rabiot, Pastore, Kurzawa (wound) and Aurier (visa). To replace Di Maria, Unai Emery would not have the plethora of choices. And the solution Ben Arfa would seem to impose itself. Entering the game against Argentinian Saturday against Nantes, the French international could have (finally) the opportunity to shine since his arrival at PSG, he who is only satisfied a few minutes since the beginning of the season.

Excited “at the idea of returning to England, as he indicated in a message posted on his Instagram account in recent days, Hatem Ben Arfa would take his place in the three-man attack of the PSG, next to Cavani and Lucas. “Today, Hatem is better,” said his coach to our AFP colleagues on Monday. We talked, he understood he had to improve some things to play. He will have the opportunity to show good things on the pitch. “Faced with the possible forfeit of Di Maria, the opportunity could arrive Wednesday evening, in what is similar to the most important match of the Parisians in this first part of the season. A dream situation to strike a big blow for the main interested. For the small anecdote, the last time Ben Arfa came to the Emirates Stadium, he had scored with Newcastle. It was in 2012. An eternity.

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