Discovering Dubai: 5 Unmissable Attractions

The ultramodern city of Dubai aims to do things bigger and bolder than anywhere else on the planet. This is the kind of place that screams luxury from the rooftops with its plush hotels, grand skyscrapers and state of the art shopping complexes. It has also made itself one of the world’s best destinations for nightlife.

This is the kind of place where things move at a million miles an hour and that’s just the way they like it. When you first arrive here at the the world’s busiest airport, get in touch with booktaxidubai to help you get to your accommodation stress-free. Once you are in the city itself, here are a few of the things you won’t want to miss out on.

Burj Khalifa

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When I said that Dubai screams luxury from the rooftops, you literally can’t get any higher than the Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world stands at an incredible 829.8 m. Shoot up to the top of this building in just a few seconds on the fastest lift in the world (what else did you expect?) and you will be rewarded with views that are simply mind-boggling. If you arrive at sunset, you can experience the panorama at both day and night.     

Dubai Creek

The best way to enjoy this picturesque stretch of water is on one of the beautiful abra boats. At sunset, you can ride across for just one dirham while the call to prayer rings out around you. This is the best way to imagine what the city was like during its humble beginnings in the 1960s. When you reach the other side, you can take a stroll around the old area of Deira and be met with strong aromas of spice souk.

Public Parks

You may not instantly think of beautiful parkland when you think of Dubai, but there is plenty around. Safa Park on Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the most pleasant and a place where you will find families and couples enjoying the shade of the trees, pretty waterfalls and acres of green space. Another option is Mushrif Park which has plenty of woodland and a zoo to enjoy.

Burj Al Arab

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The world’s only seven star hotel is the epitome of luxury. Even if you’re not lucky enough to be staying here (and at those prices, few of us are!), the building, which has been designed to resemble a billowing sail, is one of the most iconic in Dubai. If you want to get some good photo opportunities, head for a drink in the Dhow and Anchor bar opposite.

Dubai Fountains

A rare free attraction in Dubai, the show here has been designed to rival the best fountain displays in Las Vegas. And boy does it do that! Located just in front of the Dubai Mall, there are a few restaurants at the front where you can really enjoy the colourful light and water show. Make sure you book in advance though!

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