Why your dream trip to China should be with a group

Travelling in a group can be a rewarding experience for people exploring places they have never been before.


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Currently there are around 30 million international travellers in and out of China every single year for business or pleasure and this number is growing year on year.

As a result of such high demand, international visitors have come to benefit from guided tours as a way to get an insider’s perspective to an area and make social connections. We believe you this is the best way of going on a holiday to China.

A quality guided tour experience has the potential to leave a traveller connected with their surroundings, without a lot of the stress that is typically associated with travelling in a foreign land.

5 Reasons Why Group Tours Are The Way To Go

  1. Less Stress

Exploring heavily populated and culturally diverse places for the first time can be a stressful and confusing experience. There are a lot of luxuries you’re not entitled to right off the cuff when you walk into a city for the first time.

Without a buddy to show you around, you’re likely to burn more money and get pulled into tourist traps instead of authentic experiences.

In the company of the tour guide you are likely to find the best attractions, venues with the most impressive experiences and heaps of discounted pricing.

  1. Less Expensive

You are going to get much more value for your money on a China group tour, without question. The cost of a typical China group tour usually includes all the extras such as lodging at the finest hotels, tips, guides, transfers, domestic flights, special events and many of the meals.

  1. Private Options

Group tours in China are also quite flexible with options suitable for whatever you’re looking for. If you are more interested in meeting people and saving a little money you can go on a group tour. If you’d like to choose who you are travelling with, private tours are always available.

Private options are great if you’d like to set your own terms; what sights you see, where you go, how long you spend your time there, and so on.

  1. Tailored Events and Travel

Group tours usually allow you to mix and match options to create a unique travel experience, tailored around your preferences. This allows you to have all the advantages that come with group tours while also having the flexibility and control to select your own attractions and destinations.

China has a lot to offer, and there’s always something to do on a group tour no matter what your interests are.

  1. When and Where the Action Is

To ensure everything runs smoothly, it is probably best to book your excursion as far in advance as possible; whether you’d like to visit China during peak season, or during “high season”, tours are always available.

Some of the key times to visit China are from the beginning of the month of April until around the very end of the month of May. And then again beginning in the month of September until sometime around the end of the following month of October.

Unlike other Asia destinations, China’s low season begins in the month of December and comes to an end around the end of the month of February or early March.

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