Edinburgh: The London Of Scotland?



When you think of the city of Edinburgh, would you think of it as the London of Scotland? I didn’t think so. But hear me out. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and it has as much to offer as any other city in the world. It has a vast amount of culture associated with it and it is world famous thanks to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which attracts punters from all over the world. Edinburgh has so many things to offer, but on a smaller scale compared to London. If you were thinking of a weekend getaway somewhere different, why don’t you give Edinburgh a go? Here is what you can get up to on a general weekend.

A Sporting Chance

Wherever your interests lie in sport, there is always plenty you can do. Rugby is one of the big sports in Scotland and Murrayfield Stadium is where the national Scottish team play. You could catch one of the big Rugby Union matches. Or you could see the Super League matches over the Magic Weekend where the atmosphere is completely electric. Murrayfield has also hosted the big concerts by bands such as Foo Fighters and One Direction.

Are You Hungry?

Haggis is famous around the world as being the national dish of Scotland. While the sound of sheep internal organs encased in their stomach might not sound appetizing, it is quite a delicacy. Mixed with suet and oats, it is almost similar in consistency to black pudding. If you stay at any of the big hotels and order a full cooked breakfast, you will get haggis as part of it. So give it a go! Or if you’re not feeling adventurous in the morning, you can get a deep-fried one from the chip shop after sampling one of the many wonderful pubs selling local ales.

Get Cultured

If you are looking for a culture-filled break, there are many museums and galleries for your interest. The National Museum of Scotland house collections by many diverse artists and sculptors. And the Edinburgh Fringe Festival runs throughout the month of August where there are hundreds of comedy shows, live theatre and is finished off with the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Even without the city sights, the Fringe is a big draw all by itself. And you could get last minute cheap flights to Edinburgh to catch some of the big shows. Or even go to the big music concerts around the event.

Are You Scared?

If you like a fright or two, you could take one of the many ghost walks around the city. The City Of The Dead walk has been rated one of the best ghost tours and has been named as “Britain’s Best Ghost Walk.”

A Few Friendly Faces…

A lot has been spoken of about the warmth and friendly nature of people from Edinburgh. Their softly spoken nature makes for a lovely and relaxing weekend away to their lovely city. It might be a bit cold when it approaches winter, but the warmth that emanates from the people will more than make up for the chilly temperature.

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Andy Higgs

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