Embracing the great outdoors in Sydney

Sydney, Australia, is home to some of the finest outdoor sporting activities in the world. The Pacific Ocean coastline leads to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Southern Hemisphere, while the Blue Mountains just outside of town are a hiker’s paradise. If you’re an avid fan of outdoor adventure, here are your best bets in Sydney.

How’s the Weather Down There?


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If you’re looking for warm weather, Sydney offers an abundance of sunshine. It’s the most populous city in Australia for a reason. There are over 340 sunny days each year, which means that there is a 93 percent chance of sunny weather when you visit. The rainy season lasts from only March to June, so if you want to leave your umbrella behind, that’s the only hiccup on your travel calendar.

Life’s a Beach

Sydney boasts more than 100 beaches, and many of them are tourist-friendly. Over 70 of them cater to surfers, so if you want to ride the waves, you’ll find options aplenty. In terms of international awareness, Bondi Beach is the most famous, but you should also consider Manly Beach, Tamarama Beach, and Balmoral Beach, all of which have wonderful hotel options nearby.

Note that there is a huge disparity in wave size among the various options. Balmoral Beach is known for its gentle waves, making it an ideal choice for novice surfers. Conversely, Tamarama Beach enjoys a reputation as one of the most dangerous beaches in the southern hemisphere. Locally known as Glamarama, it features huge waves, but this water proves treacherous for poor swimmers.

Home of Champions

Sydney earns several world championships each year in addition to the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. International golf, tennis, and cricket events draw legions of fans and athletes annually, making it a perfect place for you to either compete with the best or simply bask in the sun while watching them perform.

The local yacht race is a Boxing Day tradition. Every year on the day after Christmas, yachting experts as well as boat owners from all walks of life enjoy a ceremonial 1,100-kilometer journey from Sydney Harbour across the Tasman Sea to the Derwent River. If you enjoy sailing or simply want to enjoy the spectacle, put this event on your Sydney bucket list.

Biking Bliss

Sydney Biker Tours provides the best way to explore the Blue Mountains. Their rental service provides bikes that you can ride through all the major scenic areas of the city. These bike tours are not confined to landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, either. You can also journey to the Botanic Gardens and the city’s various museums.

Walls of Wonder

If your idea of fun involves a sandstone cliff facing, you’ll love the options at Blue Mountains Adventure Company. You can rappel up the storied mountains or spelunk into the caves in the valleys below. The mountain range also features several breathtaking waterfalls that serve as a serene backdrop as you scale the challenging walls.

Fans of the outdoors can find something to do almost all the time while in Sydney. Whether you prefer beaches, biking, or rock climbing, relaxing options are everywhere.


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