Enjoy the lifestyles of the rich and famous – at least for a while

5-star palaces not doing it for you? Boutique hotels no longer ringing your bell? Sleeping on a converted plane, train or under the sea feeling a little passe? Fear not, we’ve got something just for you.

This infographic turned up in the Grown-up Travel Guide inbox a few days ago and opened our eyes to a whole different type of accommodation – the former homes of the stars of stage and screen, rock stars and a token boy-band member if that’s your thing.

Recreated in the style of its celebrity inhabitant, each home offers the opportunity to feel how the other half lives for the duration of a short-term rental contract.

Personally I’d have no hesitation in trying out Necker Island, assuming money was no object. This is as much to try the legendary cliff-top outhouse as it is to wallow in Caribbean luxury, I’ll admit…

Which place would you most want to try?

Check out the infographic below and click hereĀ for more information.