Essential tech to take on your next city break

Whether you’re exploring grand German cities like Hannover, or hunting for some fine food in the backstreets of Johannesburg, you’re going to need a little digital assistance every now and then. So here’s a run-down of some of the tech that’s become an essential part of any city break in 2016.

Obviously your smartphone is the key piece of kit to take so that you can do anything from finding tourist attractions to playing online casino games.


But you won’t be able to do anything unless your digital friend has power, which is why having a good multi-region power adaptor with USB sockets is essential for staying charged-up on your travels across Europe, Asia and America.

And even if you’re out all day, you significantly extend the life-span of your mobile with a power bank. These work as external batteries and some models even act as a battery case so that you gain an extra level of protection whilst staying powered up.


Once you’ve ensured that you aren’t going to run out of power, your smartphone can reveal all kinds of secret treasures about your city break. In particular, there’s a range of localised apps like Airbnb and Eatwith that can help you dodge the standard tourist experience by enabling you enjoy home cooked food, live in a typical apartment, and even have your own private city tour.

Smartphones can also be pretty handy in providing some mobile entertainment on your downtime too. Whether it’s exploring the culture of the city through the wide range of foreign movies on film streaming sites like Netflix, or even just playing some quick and engrossing casino games via the LNC gaming website, it seems that there are very few things our smartphones can’t do.


However, when it comes to documenting your city break, you can always make your photographs better and more stress-free by getting an ultra-compact GoPro camera. Not only do these have some great wide-angle fisheye lenses, but they can also be worn so that you can leave your hands free for finding that chic eatery or even just playing more casino games.


And whilst it might not be the height of technological innovation, no long distance journey is complete without a decent travel pillow so that you can snooze through the flight and wake up fully refreshed for your next city break adventure!

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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