Exciting outdoor adventures you need to try in Australia 

Ready to experience things you’ll never forget? Recent research found that more than a third of Brits prefer an activity holiday over lazing around, and there’s no better place to fulfil that wish than Australia. 

It’s a country of vast and varied landscapes with something to suit the adventure-seeker in all of us. If you’ve always dreamed of exploring down under, it’s easy to get Australian visas for UK citizens – and here are a few ideas for what to do when you get there. 

Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef 

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the planet’s largest coral reef system, is an underwater paradise for scuba divers. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to thousands of species of marine life, including colourful coral, turtles, sharks and a myriad of fish species. There are tours to be found for beginner and experienced divers alike, so everyone can enjoy incredible sights you won’t find anywhere else. 

Bungee Jumping in Cairns 

Cairns, a tropical city in Queensland, is not only a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef but also a hub for adrenaline-seekers looking to experience the thrill of bungee jumping. Set against the backdrop of lush rainforests, its bungee site offers jumps from various heights, so even those who’ve jumped before might be able to one-up their previous experiences. 

Hiking in the Blue Mountains 

Just a short drive from Sydney, the Blue Mountains National Park offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in an area of incredible natural beauty, with a range of trails to suit all abilities. Hikers here can explore rugged cliffs, deep canyons and lush forests. Iconic sights such as the Three Sisters rock formation provide unforgettable views and photo opportunities. 

Surfing at Bondi Beach 

Sydney’s Bondi Beach is synonymous with Australian surfing culture, offering perfect waves for both beginners and seasoned surfers. The beach’s vibrant atmosphere is complemented by surf schools and equipment hire, making it an ideal spot to learn or perfect your board skills. Bondi’s popularity also means surfers can enjoy a lively social scene both on and off the water. 

Camping in the Outback 

For a truly unique Australian adventure, you could go camping in the Outback. From trekking to the iconic Uluru to exploring the remote landscapes of the Kimberley, you’ll explore ancient landscapes, encounter unique wildlife and feel at one with nature as you camp under the stars. Guided tours can enhance the experience, offering insights into the rich cultural history and natural wonders of the area. 

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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