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There has been a lot of press in recent years about the Air BNB phenomena and how travel to other cities has become more boutique in general. Yet in certain cities that have quietly made a point of providing services that allow visitors to enjoy the same pursuits as locals, the exercise opportunities for travelers hasn’t been as well-published.

So here are some ways to get exercise while on vacation in a way that everyone can enjoy:

Riding bicycles: Whether you are in Portland OR or Central Park, New York City, bicycle riding is a real draw for vacationers as well as business travelers. One of the most popular bike rental NYC companies is located in Central Park and rents almost every kind of bicycle imaginable. They are quite famous for offering very large discounts periodically on their website at www.bikerentalcentralpark.com. So although
their normal rates are pretty reasonable, those people that plan ahead may end up with a really good rental rate. Portland OR is also a great city to bike around in. They have just started a new program that is sponsored by Nike to share bikes from different locations around the city. Visitors that would like to see the city by bicycle can therefore check the Biketown program out in advance and plan their adventure accordingly.

Sailing: San Diego is the home of America’s Cup harbor and has a wealth of sailboat berths in three separate bays within San Diego county. Two of the bays are so large that you do not need to take your boat out into the ocean to have a good time. You can instead spend the day sailing around the bays and enjoying stopping at hotels and parks. If you are used to sailing up in the Los Angeles area, you will note that San Diego bays offer hours more of inland waterway sailing adventure. If you are coming from out of town and have experience, the Shelter Island Yacht Club is one place that you can check into. Your own club may have a reciprocal agreement that allows you time under their system. They definitely have boats available for rental. If you would like some blue water experience, it may be better to take a look at going up to Long Beach, Dana Point, or Oceanside because they are closer to Catalina Island and the rest of the Channel Islands. Of course if you don’t want to skipper a boat, you can always enjoy the tourist boat ride from Long Beach to Avalon and enjoy whale watching on the way.

Windsurfing: If you have experience surfing or sailing and would like to enjoy a day on the waves, consider renting windsurfing gear at a California beach or in Hood River, Oregon on the Columbia river. The idea behind windsurfing is to have the rider balance a flexible sail on top of a surfboard so that they can use the wind to move rapidly in the water. For proponents, it provides a strong workout for the upper body and legs. It also promotes a better sense of balance for those who enjoy it regularly.

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