Expensive Escapades: 5 Countries That Are Costly To Visit



We all love travelling, but there’s a little thing called ‘money’ that can, unfortunately, stand in the way of our dreams. We’re forced to look at cost-effective methods of travel, and that can prevent us from visiting certain areas of the world.

That statement is particularly true in reference to these countries, which are some of the world’s most expensive to visit. Everything from the price of hotels, air travel and even the food can factor into this. However, you can save more money for travel using deals on 365 Tickets, so check them out first.

Let’s look at a few examples.


The country of Switzerland tops our list, and the reason centres particularly around the locations of Zurich and Geneva. They are both luxurious areas, and they command luxurious prices in turn. In the summer, prices rise even further as tourists flock the area to enjoy its breathtaking views and enjoyable temperatures. In the winter, they head to the Alps and sample the winter sports on offer. If you want to travel here, you might want to search for Make My Trip coupons or cashback deals. Failing that, you’ll need to save up a nice bit of cash.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom makes our list primarily for its capital – London. London isn’t the cheapest place to visit, and some look to go further north for better prices and different scenery. But, London is popular for a reason, and it commands a vast number of tourists on a yearly basis. If you’re looking to save money, you’ll want to try and book your itinerary in advance. In particular, companies like The London Pass can help to save money on the attractions you intend to visit.


It won’t surprise you that Norway is an expensive country, as it regularly tops these types of lists across the web and beyond. It enters this category due to Oslo’s staggeringly high prices, where even a snack or quick drink will cost you a hefty sum. Unfortunately, there’s not really a time of the year where these prices drop. The summer months are your best bet, but even then, finding a deal-or-two is pretty much a necessity beforehand.




United Arab Emirates

You know why this one made the list, don’t you?! It’s all thanks to Dubai, of course, which is known for its luxurious surroundings. It’s best suited for those who have money to burn, and finding a good deal here isn’t something you’ll come across with ease. So, those on a shoestring budget should leave Dubai alone. This is a place of luxury and wealth.


Once again, we’re looking to the capital for the highest prices in Austria. Although it’s a little more affordable than it used to be, Austria is still an expensive place to take a trip to. Getting a discount on a flight might be a possibility, but hotel rooms are notoriously expensive. You might find it easier to get a rental property for the week instead, which can sometimes be cheaper altogether.

In actuality, there are plenty more expensive countries we haven’t been able to mention. This is just a short snippet, and you’ll want to do additional research before you make your final decision. Happy budgeting!

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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