Exploring Italy: luxury breaks for you and your family 

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

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From the pizzas to the ruins of Pompeii, from the gelatos to the colourful Cinque Terre landscape, from the pastas to the marvellous Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy has something in store for everyone in your family.

While you enjoy intimate evening passeggiata (walks) with your spouse and shop till you drop at the classy stores in Milan, some of the activities your kids can enjoy include bike tours in Tuscany, gondola tuition classes in Venice, and exploring the Museo dei Ragazzi (Children’s Museum) in Florence.

Quite the family vacation experience, Italy is an ideal destination. With cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice, there is a plenty of activities that can keep your young ones busy. Read on for more…

Stunning Rome

One of the most vibrant cities in Italy, Rome, also the capital city, is a fascinating destination to explore with your family. If you’re looking for history, the Colosseum, St. Peters’ Basilica and the Sistine Chapel are popular sites. Do not miss the park at Villa Borghese with kid-friendly attractions like horse riding and bike paths. If you’re travelling with slightly older kids, consider enrolling them in a pizza school or scheduling a visit to the catacombs (spooky!), or relaxing at one of the several piazzas in the city. Check this article for more attractions in Rome with kids.

Vivacious Venice

Although designed for romantic escapades, Venice has a host of family-friendly sightseeing spots for your kids to take pleasure in. The lazy gondola rides in the Venetian Grand Canal, the pretty Penny Guggenheim museum collection and visiting the dramatic St. Mark’s Square are quintessential Italian experiences your kids must have. In addition, they may like climbing the Loggia dei Cavalli, wearing colourful masks from the local stores and taking boat rowing lessons. Read through this article for more places to explore in Venice.

A list of other great destinations with activities for your kids to enjoy:

  • Lake Garda with its clear water beaches, adventure sports, hiking in the countryside, castles and captivating villages.
  • Tuscany and Umbria for the experience of living in a farmhouse (luxurious, comfortable, but bucolic: the best family experiences of the Italian countryside)
  • Cinque Terre for a glimpse into the gorgeous Italian Riviera seaside
  • Florence with its castles, gardens, the Galileo Museum and the delectable Italian cuisine!

More importantly, your kids will love things like ‘il dolce far niente‘, the Italian phrase that means ‘doing nothing’. Enjoy the present, de-stress yourself, and spend some quality family time together in Italy. With plenty to see and do – not to mention eat and drink – it’s no wonder Italy is such a popular holiday hotspot.

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