Extravagant Birthday Escapes in the UK


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You only get one birthday each year so it is best to do something exciting to remember your special day. Instead of partying at home and receiving gifts that you don’t know what to do with why not do something truly different this year? Take an extravagant escape with your friends and family this year to celebrate in true style.

You can have a quiet party with your romantic partner or invite everyone that you know and party the night away. Extravagance on your birthday is nothing to feel guilty about. Sample the local cuisine, explore new areas, and take a vacation from your day-to-day monotony. Buy a gourmet cake for your birthday so that you can have your cake and eat it too!

Rent a large holiday home for a party on a tranquil lake, beautiful seashore, or in a picturesque village far away from the hustle and bustle of your daily activities. The place that you choose is up to you. Why not try your luck at online gambling to boost your birthday budget? You can get a Highroller bonus, and maybe become a High Roller yourself?

Take advantage of amenities like hot tubs, luxurious rooms, golf courses, modern electronics, and catering services with fabulous food. Rent a limousine to explore the area to travel in style. Gather up your favourite people and head out for a night on the town or just relax in your luxurious accommodations and stock the bar with your favourite wines, beers, and spirits.

Stay at Claridge’s Hotel in London for a truly luxurious and unique experience. The hotel is located near the Bond Street Tube Station and the Oxford Street Shops and it has been in operation since 1856. Each room is unique and offers amenities like beautiful marble bathrooms, free wifi, a television and music dock so that you can bring your own music and dance the night away with your friends.

If you rent a suite you can also have butler service and some of the suites come with Jacuzzis, terraces, and grand pianos. Enjoy the famous afternoon tea in The Foyer and Reading Room. The hotel also has two bars one of which is The Fumoir, an art deco cocktail bar from the 1930’s and a high-end restaurant that serves modern British food. Experience the height of luxury for your birthday and explore London in style.

Live like royalty and rent a castle in England, Scotland or Ireland. There are plenty of options to choose from and you can get a room in a refurbished castle or rent out the whole castle complete with the grounds.

These unique birthday party venues, you can spend your days exploring the surrounding areas and then come home to the tranquility of your kingdom. You can cook your own food or hire a caterer to supply you with gourmet food so that there is no mess to clean up or headaches to worry about. You can rent places that accommodate many guests if you wish to have a blowout bash.

There are also places that offer amenities like spa services, sport hunting, horse riding, archery and even golf. It is all about your budget and how much to wish to indulge on your special day.

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