Fiji With The Family: 5 Things To See And Do


If you’re still planning your family’s holiday this year, perhaps you may want to consider choosing Fiji as your next holiday destination. For a long time, Fiji is known as one of the best retreat oases for traveling families. Besides the beautiful weather, Fiji possesses numerous breathtaking attractions, white sand beaches, heartwarming culture, and welcoming resorts designed for romantic couples and families with kids.  

What’s more, you can never be wrong with interacting and meeting with their beautiful and friendly locals. The locals in Fiji are hospitable and laid-back people who find joy in their simple lives. Thus, it’ll surely be a fun experience to be around them as their kids get to play with your children while the adults are proudly sharing their culture and country’s beauty with you. 

Are you still skeptical about the idea of traveling to Fiji? Perhaps giving you some ideas about what you can see and do there might change your mind. To prove it, here are five things you can see and do with your family when visiting Fiji.  

  1. Schedule A Resort Day

Some say that Fiji is the home for resort holidays. They have beautiful and notable resorts like Naviti Resort Fiji – perfect for kids and families who want to relax near the pool or the beach. Furthermore, their resorts also offer packages wherein your room accommodation includes:

  • Meals and bar beverages
  • Spa appointments
  • Plane tickets
  • Available resort activities (e.g., golfing, snorkeling, coral viewing)

Overall, their resorts are more than just accommodation, but they’re also a destination themselves. 

If you want, you can schedule the first two days of your holiday as a resort day, considering that one day isn’t enough to explore and try everything the resort has to offer. For your kids, the highlight of the resort is probably the toddler pools and water slides, so make sure to tag along with them when they’re in the pool for safety purposes. Some beach resorts even have a kids’ club, so ensure you check it out with your kids too. 

  1. Enjoy The Evening Entertainment

After spending the entire day at the pool, beach, or any breathtaking destination, allow your kids and yourselves to sit back and enjoy the lovely evening vibes brought by your resort restaurant. If you want to spice things up, you can also check out the restaurants and entertainment in nearby places.  

Unlike the usual restaurant entertainment wherein there’s a band singing you songs, the resort’s evening entertainment is about dancers swaying their hips to the beat of cultural music while some bare-chested men play with fire and show off their tricks. Some would even have a fire dancing or fire walking ceremony which will surely excite your kids. It isn’t something that the resort back home can offer, so ensure you make the most of this entertainment. 

  1. Go Island Hopping

Fiji is an island country, so it’s no surprise that you’re surrounded by plenty of islands to choose from and visit. Thus, make sure you schedule a day (or more) for a boat trip to one of their islands. A few of the best islands you must check out are Denarau, Savala, Mamanuca, Yasawa, and more! Once you’re on the island, you’ll surely get that authentic, picturesque, and peaceful tropical island experience. 

Your day doesn’t only end by just sailing on a boat and going sightseeing on the island. Most islands offer numerous water activities like snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, shark feeding, stand-up paddleboarding, and extreme water sports. After doing these activities, you can find a shady spot under the palm trees or a cottage to let your kids relax while waiting for the locals to cook you their tasty barbeque lunch or dinner.  

  1. Check Out Kula Wildlife Park

Another best spot to check out with your family is the Kula Wildlife Park. This wildlife park may not have the usual tigers and lions, but it’s abundant with snakes, iguanas, and native Fiji birds. Your kids can even try to hold the snake or iguana and take some pictures.  

Besides the animals, you and your kids can also try the exhilarating zip rail, which travels through the treetops for 300 meters. If your kids aren’t into it, you can also take them to the 100m water slide through the rainforest. The wildlife park entrance tickets are inclusive with unlimited rides, so you may want to schedule a whole day for this trip for your kids to enjoy the reptiles, birds, and rides.  

  1. Visit A Local Village

Your family’s Fiji holiday will not be complete if you don’t get to visit a local village, interact with the locals and experience their culture firsthand. Fiji resorts and the nearby areas often have a close relationship since most resorts offer village tours to their guests. It is their way of encouraging their guests to check out the local life of Fiji and see what’s beyond the luxuries and comforts of the resort.  

During the village visit, you and your kids can try out their tasty local cuisines, shop from their jewelry stalls, participate in the kava ceremony, or dance with their traditional songs. You can also talk with the locals and learn more about their local life while you let your kids play with their kids too. 

Enjoy Your Fijian Family Holiday

Now you know why lots of families adore Fiji so much. The place’s got a lot to offer that will surely give you and your kids a well-deserved break from real life. So, let this list of activities get you started planning your vacation, and remember that there’s never a wrong time to visit Fiji!

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