Flight report: Etihad A330 Business Class Frankfurt to Johannesburg via Abu Dhabi


Photo credit: Etihad A330 via photopin (license)


Yes, I made it back to the front of the plane.

Look, it’s been a year, okay? My last splurge was in April 2015, when I blew the last of my United miles on a combination of Lufthansa and South African Airways flights in Business Class.

I was then consigned to the wilderness (well, Economy Class) for almost exactly 12 months, including a couple of long-haul trips – on KLM to Osaka and later to Miami. I had no complaints; Economy was more comfortable than I remembered, even when spending an entire working day up in the air.

But when the time came to plan my next trip to Cape Town, South Africa I decided to use my stash of American AAdvantage points and try a different airline at the same time – Etihad.

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  1. Cool review.

    I hope I’d be able to afford this kind of perks when travelling in the near future.

    Love your blog, the design. Bookmarked and hope to be back.

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