Fly with Saudi Airlines Booking to Abu Dhabi for a Never-before Known Exploration!

Abu Dhabi is a hub of cosmopolitan culture, tradition and offers backpackers a perfect scope to revel in safaris, luxury and create memories when they vacation here. If you have an eye for cultural exploration, Abu Dhabi is a hot pick from the countries to visit in UAE. Booked at the right time, there could be great deals and discounts on offer. When in Abu Dhabi there are a few hacks to follow to make the most out of your experience.

The city can be explored round the year but from May to October is the most travel-friendly season. The peak summers get too hot thanks to the humidity and record temperatures. One thing to keep in mind is avoid visiting Abu Dhabi during Ramadan. This holy month sees reduced business in the city as well as complete restriction on eating out during the day hours.

One fact most do not remember about Abu Dhabi is a lot of small souks i.e. markets and shops do not accept anything but cash. Therefore, save your cards for more upscale places or online booking. Use credit cards to confirm a Saudi Airlines booking on or for discounts. However, small change and cash are the best options when traveling locally. Ensure that your exchange currencies only using passport at hotels, banks and licensed offices.

Make sure you are aware of the local Abu Dhabi laws as a tourist. The most important of these include-

  • No alcohol outside hotel premises
  • No public display of affection
  • No excess skin show or baring cleavage, if female, in public

Start out with some Reverence

When in Abu Dhabi, begin your tour with a visit to UAE’s largest mosque, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The gold and gem studded architecture is a delight to feast your eyes on and the prayer hall is carpeted with the largest carpet in the entire world! The pools and the lighting inside the mosque campus make a gorgeous scene not to be missed for anything! When inside the mosque, remember there must be no exposing the head, midriff, chest or legs. Friday mornings are off limits for tourists, in the mosque!

Go High on History

If you are an enthusiast with a liking for historical structures around a place, visit the oldest building made from stone, the Qasr Al Hosn. In fact, it is almost like a foundational ode to the city of Abu Dhabi since it is one of the first structures built in the city. There also is an exhibition on these grounds that provide a sneak peek into the history of Abu Dhabi. The culture and way of living in Abu Dhabi seems justified as you dig deep into history. There also is an yearly Festival at the Qasr Al Hosn every February. Plan your visit around this time to engage in fun activities. For soothing your cultural tastes, visit Saadiyat Cultural District. It is being transformed and offers awesome activities that let you soak up the culture and history of UAE.  The must-visit spots inside are UAE Pavillion and Manarat Al Saadiyat.

Lounge around Corniche

If your idea of vacationing has always been wearing those lazy loungers and relax with a Pina Colada in hand on the golden beaches, then head to the Abu Dhabi Corniche for relaxing and sightseeing. The beach is superbly clean and also kid-friendly. Catch up on the awesome sun set views from the beach. Cornice street—the area around the beach—houses the most popular Abu Dhabi restaurants too.

Pump some Adrenaline

Visiting the Ferrari World will only bring out the love for swashing cars. The theme park is an apt hub for everyone from children to adults. Some super-fast rides and loops let you pump up some adrenaline. You get access to authentic Italian food too at the restaurant inside the Ferrari world. Adventure enthusiasts will have access to a lot of awesome places in Abu Dhabi. The Yas Marina circuit and Yas Waterworld are top picks. The circuit is an entertainment cum sporting hub. It is globally popular as the hub for the yearly Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The schedule is available online. Therefore, it would be best if you check out the same before planning your Saudi Airlines booking to Abu Dhabi. The Waterworld has close to 45 rides and gives you specific thrill levels to opt for depending on how heart-strong you are! There are options to shop, dine and lounge around in the water world too.

Sport up the Vacation

For sporting enthusiasts, the Saadiyat Beach club for Golf is a top pick. The greens and the awesome scenery are remarkable. The practice range spans a huge area and also comes with a private area for instructions. You will have to check up on the available teeing times too!

Abu Dhabi is a hot hub for a myriad number of things. Head to the destination and experience a blend of cosmopolitan cultures like you never imagined! Abu Dhabi welcomes you into its excellent territory that is young in mindset and vibe. The impressive architecture and diverse relaxed feel of the place is unmatched.

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