Food Festival on the Outer Banks, North Carolina

This article was written by Grown-up Travel Guide contributor Dale Sheldon.

On a recent trip to North Carolina, I was delighted to find delicious food, amazing weather and a delightful coastal culture that is unique to the Outer Banks.

But the main feature of my trip was the food, so let me get started on that right away:

The Outer Banks have amazing options for food

You can never run out of options for food on a vacation to the Outer Banks, but when the time for the two food festivals of the arrives, it just gets a MILLION TIMES better. I love the food on the Outer Banks, and the two yearly food festivals that take place o the Outer Banks are the perfect events for a foodie like me.

There is lots of seafood to try, and I have always been satisfied with the barbeque and the grill on the beaches. Oh, and there are lots of beaches on the Outer Banks. So a trip to North Carolina involves lots of sun and sand – and food, of course.


There are two Food festivals on the Outer Banks

1)   The Taste of the Beach

This Four Day Festival, sponsored by the Outer Banks Restaurant Association offers Food, drink and fun. It takes place every year on the weekend festival for St Patrick’s Day and has more than 50 restaurants participating in it. The Taste of the Beach festival offers special menus, cooking classes and wine sampling. Restaurants from across the Outer Banks set booths as they compete for the Chef’s award and the People’s choice award.

2)   The Outer Banks Seafood Festival

Since Seafood is a very important part of the culture of the Outer Banks. Held every year on Columbus Day, the Outer Bank Sea Food Festival is a fun festival for the entire family to enjoy. There is lots of seafood, of course. With multiple restaurants participating in the festival, there are special menus and discounts. Not just that, there are cooking classes and People’s Choice awards where people get to vote for their favorite Sea food restaurant.

There are also around 11 fishermen boats that are put on display foor the festival to appreciate the art and the skills of fishermen on the Outer Banks.

The purpose of this festival is to educate and celebrate the strong bond North Carolina has with Sea food culture and heritage.


Choosing a Place to Stay on the Outer Banks during the Food Festivals

If you intend to come on a trip the outer banks of North Carolina, then the best time to do so is during a food festival. And finding good places for accommodation during festival season can be a little difficult, so when you are planning your trip, you need to search for vacation rentals on the Outer Banks in advance so you don’t face any issues once you arrive.

I loved the food, and I intend to return by the next food festival. You should think about doing the same, too.

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