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Forget The Hectic Holidaze: Take Control Of Your Own Destination

The real importance of a holiday varies from person to person. All of us like time away from work, that’s a given. But it’s what we do with that time that sets us apart from each other. Of course a lot of us like to take the chance to let our hair down, and spend most nights sampling the nightlife. Others, with time on our hands, will spend as much of it by the pool as possible. Whatever helps you relax is best.

For many of us, the entire point of a holiday is just to slow everything down. We spend our working days aiming for targets, meeting deadlines and trying to pin down the people who can help with our queries. When we get a holiday, it’s nice to not do anything because we have to. Our time is our own, and we don’t have to do nothing. But what we do, we get to do at our own pace. And for many of us, these holidays are the best.

A Villa Getaway


Image from Pixabay

On many package deals, you have a destination of your choice, and then have a hotel that is chosen for you. Even if you yourself choose the hotel, there are certain rules and schedules to abide by. Doors may be locked at a certain time, breakfast and dinner are served according to schedule.

In a villa, you can rise and eat breakfast whenever you want. Mealtimes are whenever you plan them. If you want to go for a leisurely stroll and see the sights, you don’t have to be back for a certain time. It’s peaceful and a positive way to spend a holiday.

A Cruise To Wherever


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While there is a saying that says it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive, that shouldn’t be true of most holidays. Getting to soak in the surroundings of a new place should be better than spending hours getting there. However, on a cruise, the traveling IS the holiday.

At least in part, anyway. Sure, the stops are nice and you get to see diverse destinations such as the Norwegian fjords or the French Riviera. But while you’re getting there you can eat gourmet food and enjoy some light shopping. Pick your destination, consult Bolsover Cruise Reviews and other sources, and let the ship do the rest.

Going Off The Beaten Track

One problem with a lot of holiday destinations is that they are just so busy and full of people who, like you, are on holiday. Not only does this mean queues for everything and more noise, it means you don’t get much of an authentic cultural experience.


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By going somewhere less tourist-driven, you can have a serene holiday experience. You will also get a real feel for the place. Why go to a destination that’s just like home with different shops? Isn’t the whole point to get away from it all?


There are countless reasons why people choose their holiday destinations. If relaxation is at the top of your list, make sure you go somewhere that really allows you to go at your own pace.


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Andy Higgs

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