Four Awesome Places to Camp in Switzerland

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Switzerland is one of the best places in Europe to camp offering spectacular but clean countryside, and equally well organized campsites. The Swiss people have always had an affinity for the outdoors so they understand the campers’ mindset.

Switzerland is not the most affordable country to visit, even when camping. However, it is still possible to travel in style in Switzerland, you just need to prepare in advance by saving smart.

Many of the best sights are located around the Interlaken region with proximity to outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, paddling, and paragliding plus the possibility to park your car and take public transport into the nearby cities or historic sights.

Campsites are generally clean and work on a lot of trust. Most campers in tents will zip up during the day while they are out but not necessarily lock up their gear (of course they put their identification and valuables in a secure safe).

In Switzerland it is easy to keep meals simple, healthy and in a picnic style with nice breads and cheeses readily available. But the evening cook up around a small stove can also be part of the fun. If you are planning to cook bring your own small stove rather than lining up for campsite facilities.

One highly recommended campsite is Manor Farm near Lake Thun. It is surrounded by mountains with a wonderful view of the Eiger. The lakeside setting has its own private beach meaning lots of water sports, fishing, or swimming. There is space for younger kids to run around and they also love to feed the ducks on the lake. Facilities include a mini-market, restaurant and bar, plus mini golf and football for the children.

Camping Euthal on the shores of the Lake Sihl is only 8 km from the baroque Monastery of Einsiedeln with inspirational views across the lake. Facilities include children’s playground, sauna, washing machine, tumble dryer, disposal for chemical toilet and a mini-mart with all your needs.

Located near Thurgau lake region Camping Wagenhausen is in a neat spot with lots of green groomed lawns and modern amenities. Activities include boat rides, swimming in the lake, barbeques, sailing and fishing. The region is considered a cyclist paradise in the summer.

With 200 metres of waterfront and its own lake access Lakeside Camping Vierwaldstaettersee Luzern (Merlischachen) comes highly recommended. You can pitch your tent right up to the Lake while the city of Luzern is just 8 km away with bus, train or even boat.

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