Four Winter Activities in Wisconsin

Wisconsin doesn’t initially appear on many traveler’s wish lists when taking a trip to the United States, especially in the Winter.  Wisconsin is known to have some of the coldest winters in the entire country; therefore it tends to just be an afterthought for tourism.  In the summer, Americans from states like Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana flock to Wisconsin to take advantage of the thousands of lakes it offers.  Although many of those lakes are frozen in the winter, the activities are just as plentiful for visitors to consider coming to Wisconsin any time of year.  Here are four activities to consider in the winter in Wisconsin:

The Indoor Water Parks in Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is one of America’s most unique cities. Located in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, the city contains one of the largest concentrations of water parks and theme parks anywhere in the world. In the summer, visitors flock to Noah’s Ark, the world’s largest waterpark. But in the winter, people turn to the numerous indoor waterparks instead, which are surprisingly big as well. The three main ones are: The Kalahari, Great Wolf Lodge, and Chula Vista. Each features extremely large hotels as well, including family-style lodges.

Hunting in the Northwards

Every Thanksgiving, people from not only Wisconsin, but from all over the Midwest, descend on the woods of Wisconsin for deer hunting season (check here for exact dates). The state features some of the best public and private land for hunting. It will take a little extra planning in order to participate in the season, as depending on your hunting experience and age you may need to take a hunting safety course. You will also need a good amount of equipment, which can be easily purchased from websites like

A Weekend Getaway in Milwaukee

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The Beer Capital of America is a great year-round destination and is only a 1.5 hour drive away from Chicago (or train ride). The city has an NBA team (the Milwaukee Bucks) and is a great way to start a night on the town. The city features many great restaurants and theaters, and the city’s Riverwalk is still a great way to make it around the city even when it’s cold. You can also find one of the country’s most unique restaurants in Milwaukee: The Safe House.


A Romantic Weekend at the Sybaris


Ever dreamed of owning your own indoor pool? Well now you can, even if it’s only for a couple of days. Located about an hour from Milwaukee, in the town of Mequon, is a little resort called Sybaris Pool Suites. It’s a great way for a couple to escape it all and have a romantic weekend like no other. Each suite in the resort features its own indoor pool and bar. Romance doesn’t come much easier than that.

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