From New York to Las Vegas: how internet connection has the power to make your road trip better

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All in all, the drive time from New York to Las Vegas is around 40 hours, not accounting for stops along the way. So, if you’re planning to see the sights along a route that’s similar to Route 66, the hours spent travelling or in motel rooms slowly but surely increases. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to think in advance about how you might spend this spare time. Thanks to the internet, there are a range of options and we’ll look at these below.

Accessing streaming services

40 hours is a long time to be stuck on the road, but if you’re stopping along the way, the hours add up and journey time increases. For the most part, road-trippers take turns driving which means that those who have a much-needed break from behind the steering wheel can use their time to catch up on the most recent Netflix release. Thanks to the powerful technology in phones, tablets, and laptops, shows on Netflix can be watched anywhere that has an internet connection. Though if you do want to save your internet connection for something else, Netflix also has the option to download shows and movies so that you can watch them at a later date with no internet connection.

Keeping up to date with sporting events

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If you like to keep up to date with ongoing events, such as sports matches, it’s likely that going on a road trip is going to cause you to fall slightly behind. While stopping off at the odd bar that has sport on TV will, for the most part, keep you in the loop, you might feel slightly disengaged. Luckily, if you are an avid sportsperson, not only can you catch up with sporting matches on your mobile phone, but you can get engaged yourself too by checking out the US sportsbook offerings. While you’re the passenger in the car or the last one to fall asleep in your motel room, you can take time to focus on betmgm sportsbook among others, which is available in some of the states along the route from NY to LV so you can bet on a selection of popular US sports.

Keeping in touch with friends and family

While embarking on your travels, you might find yourself feeling a bit homesick, especially if you are away from friends and family for a prolonged period of time. That’s where the internet is the saving grace as it lets you keep in touch with your loved ones, no matter how far away you are. With an iPhone, you’ll have access to Facetime, but even without an iPhone, there are a host of video platforms available like Skype.

So, there you have it, thanks to the phenomenon that is the internet, your road trips can be filled with entertainment no matter where the road takes you, with just the click of a finger. If that isn’t enough to get you packing your bags, combined with going on an adventure, we don’t know what is!

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