Fun and Games: Check Out These Travelling Destinations for Casino Enthusiasts

Online casinos are revolutionary in nature, allowing players from the comfort of their homes to enjoy the pleasures and thrills of casino games with a chance of winning big. However, brick-and-mortar casinos will always win the hearts of the more adventurous casino gamblers who travel the world in search of the fanciest casinos to play.

Technological progress aside, casinos have become nightlife venues, spots for sharing a bottle of wine with friends, and even a place to get the latest gossip from other gamblers. Casino fanatics enjoy the environment, which is usually luxurious, calm and posh, topped with the chance of hitting big jackpots. 

Some gaming pubs have in fact evolved to be cultural places, and there is no way even the best roulette games in online casinos can recreate these feelings. 

Whether you’re in search of a quick thrill, or a long, all-encompassing experience, here are some travelling destination ideas for casino enthusiasts.   

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Is it really a shocker that Las Vegas is on our list? The “Entertainment Capital of the World,” the “City that Never Sleeps,” or the “Gambling Capital of the World,” is an unmissable destination for all casino fans.

Which way will you have it? Do you prefer casinos with crazy neon lining or a simple and classy location for the evening? Las Vegas answers to the desires of any young person. As stated by the World Casino Directory, the city of Las Vegas hosts around 170 gaming venues and 90 casino hotels. 

Everyone who comes to the Neon City of the World will experience a sensory overload of variety, stunned by the choices available.

Stockholm, Sweden

To the surprise of many, Stockholm, also nicknamed “Beauty by the Water” is a city that welcomes gamblers from all over the world. It is a beach city with over 200,000 boats ready to transport visitors around to view the scenic city. The waterways are the right transport for going around the countryside with those magnificent views and take you to the casino hotel spots right by the beach.

What really makes Stockholm a paradise for gamblers is the abundance of games in this city’s casinos. However, it is necessary for you to read through players’ reviews before going to any Stockholm casino hall. This will keep you protected and improve the quality of gameplay. 

Macau, China

China generally isn’t known to support gambling. However, casino territory exists, specifically along the southern coast of the country. It is located 60 kilometers away from Hong Kong, and on the western side of the Pearl River estuary. Macau holds 47 licensed casinos as well as 59 casino hotels and is, by all means, deserves to be on the list of top gambling destinations for gamers.

The city of Macau has now become the dream casino for gamblers in Southeast Asia because of the sheer beauty and structures of the buildings. In fact, something about the city seems familiar to the Western adventurous gamblers who have been to Las Vegas. Certainly, in contrast to Vegas, the activities are few, but you will find it satisfying.

Baden-Baden, Southern Germany

There are certain things that any true traditional gambler can resist, and that’s why Baden Baden in Germany is on our list. Besides the 17th century pageant city on the flanks of the Black Forest, Baden-Baden hosts the oldest casino in Germany, called Casino Baden-Baden. The casino has been dazzling visitors with magic since 1820, and its luxury and colorful appearance attracts regular visitors.

The casino offers a wide variety of games, including quite exotic ones such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and punto banco. In fact, there was a time the casino was deemed the most beautiful casino on the earth, in fact. You don’t have to wonder any more, a tour will explain everything.


While you won’t find many casinos around the city, the few of them you find will take your breath away. This is because the government only authorizes gambling activities and casinos to be integrated into Resorts.

You can start with a journey to the most expensive free-standing casino, the Marina Sand Bay Casino in Singapore, and you will see the reasons why it made it to our list. There’s also the Resorts World Sentosa Casino that will captivate you and leave you astonished. If you think of a country trying to create a positive impression on the world, you’ll have an idea of the gambling experience you’ll get in Singapore.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

There is a simple reason why this place is often called “the Atlantic City of the East Coast.” Though Atlantic City has only nine casinos compared to Las Vegas’s with a multitude of them, it has mastered the axiom that says, “If a job is worth being done, do it well.” If you want to taste games, cocktails, slots, and live entertainment, then Atlantic City is the place for you.

Prague, Czech Republic

Now, it’s time for this list to end with a bang. The city of Prague can, without exaggeration, be compared with a 3D architectural hall.  As you walk along its streets, you can find 59 casinos where there are more than 1269 slots and gaming machines. Surprised? The next time you travel there, savor the beer and the edibles and take a seat in one of those numerous casinos.

With an already well-established reputation, traditional casinos are not to be replaced as they stand the test of time. Countries regard them as their treasure, something that brightens up the dark line between the past and the present. 

Listen to the bursts of laughter that wrap up wins, the long-drawn sighs that signal a loss, the exquisite clinking of glasses and the fascinating impressions. Lastly, good luck with your gambling tour and have a great time in our casinos.

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Andy Higgs

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