Getting Ready for an Overseas Photography Tour

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There is a big difference between backpacking, and travelling with a backpack. Professional photographers, for instance, will often carry a decent amount of equipment with them wherever they go to ensure that they have what they need to get the perfect shot. Traveling to take photos professionally is an excellent way to go, because the increased emphasis on looking and finding new ways to see where you are is exactly what will make the trip so memorable. That being said, camera equipment is expensive, heavy, and difficult to travel with, which is why you need to prepare yourself before you go on an overseas photography tour.

Prepare Physically

Camera equipment is heavy. The more you bring, the heavier your bag. This bag could include lenses, cameras, tripods, monopods, stabilizers, batteries, and so much more, not to mention the protective partitions that keep everything safely in their place. What’s more, some of the best photography sites are remote, meaning that even with a guide to get you there, you can often expect a lot of walking. Going on such a physically exerting trip without preparing physically beforehand is foolish, which is why you need to update your diet, start training, and always remember to visit your doctor before you go.

When you are abroad, there is a very good chance that you will not like or be able to eat a lot of the foods that are local. That is why it is important to start eating healthy, nutritious meals as soon as possible at home. Healthy eating will help your endurance training. Endurance requires you to work out your stamina with weights, so that you can keep going no matter what you are carrying.

Then, there is your doctor’s visit. Even with travel insurance you likely don’t want to spend your trip in a hospital for any reason, so it is important to book an appointment beforehand. Let your doctor know if there are any aches, pains, or chronic conditions you are worried about, as well as get any recommended vaccinations. If you do suffer from chronic pain, choose a medical practitioner who has worked with Insight Medical Partners. The last thing you want is to be prescribed pain medication first. Prescription drug addiction is prevalent and dangerous, and should only be used as a last resort.

Protect Your Gear

Travel insurance is important whenever and wherever you travel, but when you are travelling with expensive camera equipment, it becomes critical. Choose the best insurance and remember never to undervalue your items. You want to be able to afford a replacement if something were to break or be stolen, not be paid a compensation rate too small for you to fix the problem.

From there, what you need to do to prepare will depend on the country you are visiting. Learn a few language basics, the customs, laws, and what great things there is to see and you’ll be certain to have a great photography trip.

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Andy Higgs

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