Gifts for the Grown-up Traveller: A stylish suitcase cover and an end to excess baggage surprises

Need ideas for the perfect gift for a Grown-up Traveller? You’ve come to the right place. Look no further than our series for inspiration on what to buy your travel-inclined friend/partner/spouse/relative etc…We’re finishing up today with – for a change – two ideas which are both good ones. We left the silliness out this time.

Travel-related gift idea # 7 – Make a style statement with a suitcase cover

Number seven on our list of gifts for travellers is a practical cover to personalize your luggage and make it easy to recognize on the baggage carousel. And make it look WAY more groovy.

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Sounds rather fun. Please do elaborate..

Our funky Dutch friends at SUITSUIT tell us that you can “turn your boring old suitcase into a fashionable and trendy travel accessory”.

Have they seen my case?

That’s kind of the point mate, you’re going to cover it up. There are other good reasons to use a suitcase cover quite apart from making you look cooler. As mentioned you’ll have no problem picking out your case when you get to baggage reclaim. The SUITSUIT protects your case from dirt and light damage. It means your case stays closed during the journey and is way greener than using that cling film stuff at the airport to seal your case as this is chucked away after each use.

Will it fit my spinner?

The covers fit “virtually all hard-case trolleys (2 wheels) and spinners (4 wheels) with a height of between 65 and 80 centimeters.” So that´s a yes.

And how much are they?

They start at €29.95 and delivery is free within the EU (contact them for Norway then) for up to 2 kg.

Your favorite design?

That would have to be the Boombox. I mean look at it man!



Okay, give me the contact details please!

Go and look at the whole range at

Travel-related gift idea #8 – Digital luggage scales

It’s happened to you, I’m sure. Despite your best intentions that trip to London/New York/Berlin (delete as applicable) just presented too many temptations and you overdid the shopping. Or perhaps you’re the victim of well-meaning relatives wanting to make use of your baggage allowance as a way of saving the inconvenience and expense of sending heavy Christmas or birthday gifts through the mail.

I know all about that one…

Whatever the reason, those pesky weight limits are easily breached. Or (as happens to me) you are really bad at judging the weight and spend the last night of your trip worrying about whether or not you’re going to be stung with excess baggage charges. Unless you have prepaid (a good idea if you know you are going to be doing some serious retail therapy – you can pay for an extra bag on just the return leg of your journey on many airlines) you are going to be charged over the odds at the airport.

So what do you suggest? I’m assuming there’s a travel gift coming here…

Digital luggage scales!


These are small enough to take with you and a bargain too. You can use them for anything up to 50 kg (now that is excess baggage) but are especially useful for hand baggage as more and more airlines weight this too, which is a real pain. Use these first so that you can re-pack if necessary to spread the load. There are many types on the market but these receive consistently high ratings:

Finally, a proper gift idea. I mean that Snazzy Napper…come on!

Yes, okay, and maybe the flight simulator was a little over the top, but the PopOut maps were good. And I’ve been a bit more sensible here, too.

Maybe a little more ‘Grown-up?

Hey, Grown-ups like a laugh too you know…

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