Great Ways to Explore Britain on a Budget

If you have never embarked on a journey to explore more of what England has to offer, you are likely to miss a couple of things. First of all, you need to check out the landmarks of London and other big cities, but also there is a wildlife to discover. The dramatic landscape and the ancient rock formations, as well as the natural beauty of the Lake District and Snowdonia will blow you away. Below you will find a few tips on how to get to see more of England in just a few days on a limited budget.

Holiday Home Investment

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It might be a good financial decision to invest in a holiday home or a share in a property in England. If you have already been and fell in love with some of the places in England writers in Victorian times were writing about, you can look for caravans for sale in north wales and explore some of the best places and the history of old villages at the same time.

Scenic Train Routes

You might be thinking that the road networks of Britain are good enough for scenic rides, but they are too busy and you will not see much from the motorway. Instead of putting yourself through the trouble of driving, you can also book scenic and historic train routes that will help you travel in luxury and enjoy the view without any distractions. There are day trips with dinner and entertainment, and you will be able to make memories for a lifetime.


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From the Welsh mountain ranges to the Scottish Highlands, there are plenty of amazing places you can hike at. Most of them have great camping sites and holiday parks you can stay, so you don’t depend on the hotel’s schedule and plan your day according to where the road takes you and what you feel like doing at the time. You can even engage in bird watching and other nature trail activities.

Short Cruises

If you are interested in seeing the historical docks of Britain, you might go on a river cruise, or even go down one of the canals built in the Victorian age. River cruises in Liverpool, for example, will give you a completely different perspective on the Mersey Estuary and the industrial past of the Wirral.

B and B Hopping

If you would like to see more and wake up for a new scenery every morning, you might even embark on a journey of B and B hopping. From historic manor houses to castles and cottages, there are several accommodation options available for you. Choose your location, call the host and confirm your time of arrival, have a full English breakfast in the morning, and you can be on your way again discovering.

There are plenty of great ways of discovering Britain on foot, on road, and by train. Choose the one that matches your travel style and personal preferences and you can make memories that will last for a lifetime.

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