The Grown-up Travel Guide to Caravanning


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Caravanning can be a great experience while you decide for your next camping trip – consider this choice and get a memorable experience.

The secrets to this include a number of factors like learning how to tow the caravan correctly, having a thorough knowhow on how to clean and maintain your caravan, giving a complete inspection time to the vehicle while buying it, keeping the caravan insured and so on.

If you are a new user of caravan, start learning the tips to get a perfect caravan trip. This article will give you the best guide on how to go ahead for a successful camping and caravanning –

  • Check gas safety – While keeping the LPG gas cylinder in your caravan, make sure it’s not fastened by the side; rather there must be significant space between the cylinder and the valve. If the liquid escapes somehow, it will expand almost 200 times its volume, and might lead to a major accident.
  • Fire extinguisher rule – Caravans are provided with powder fire extinguishers, thus you need to shake the bottle well before usage. Especially to keep the bottle active and usable you should shake it well once a week. It will help you to extinguish moderate fire breakouts; thus it’s wise to keep additional options.
  • Recovery schemes – These are offered by different caravanning companies who ensure to recover your broken or damages caravan when in need. You can get ample help from them even during emergencies; suppose if you are on your camp and the vehicle has got a loosened wheel or so.
  • Caravan Insurance – This is another vital point to consider when you buy a caravan. To prevent any kind of unwanted situations that bear huge costs like theft or damage to the vehicle – you can opt for caravan insurance. These will give you a peace of mind while you go for your travelling venture and also keep your caravan in safe hands. Be careful while purchasing the right insurance policy for your vehicle.
  • Manoeuvring mirrors – This act has to be done correctly as you tow your caravan. While reversing look into your mirrors and turn the wheels of the caravans to the side where the vehicle is visible. In this way your backing or reversing will be accurate. You can check out a selection of caravan towing mirrors that are available here.
  • Keep the temperature right – The latest blown air heating systems have shown commendable efficiency to keep the caravan temperature cool and comfortable. The fan is not enough during the summers as it only moves the hot air outside the vehicle; but this cooling system will work reversely from the fan and suck in the cooler air.
  • Always carry caravan first aid kit – You must not be surprised as your caravan can also need a medical touch! Keep the right equipment handy with you like Milton fluid, spare fuses, WD40, adjustable spanner, a reliable torch, and two screwdrivers.
  • Learn the rope trick – be very careful while you buy towropes as the ones usually available in shops are made to tow vehicles on tarmac surfaces like road. They will not be useful when you need to pull out a caravan from the boggy surface. In case you need to use it invariably, make sure no one is around as if the rope breaks, it will cause serious accident.

These are just some pointers to consider while you are camping with a caravan and by following these simple rules you can avoid most of the accidents.

However, you need to get a strong technical knowhow of the vehicle to handle it at the best.


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