Helpful Moving Tips to Make Life Easier

Being a parent is a full-time job, so when it comes to moving, chances are you simply don’t have the extra time on your hands to box everything up, prep it for moving and then load it on the truck. To make life a bit easier, taking advantage of NJ movers can make life so much easier for you and the rest of the family.

This way, you can still devote time to after school activities, work and everything else going on in life.

So, before you try to tackle the task of moving all on your own, look towards these different tips and tricks, all designed with you in mind.

Start Early

NJ moving services are very helpful. However, these kinds of professional services are not designed for packing up every single box. It is far easier if you at least know what is placed in the boxes.

With this in mind, regardless of how far you need to travel for the move, start preparing as early as possible. Maybe you know a year in advance. Maybe it’s six months. Whenever you find out you’re moving, start to pack a few boxes at a time.

Take care of one closet in a given weekend. Then maybe a few boxes at a time in the garage. All of this can come out of nowhere quickly.

The better you space it out, the easier it is to avoid that overwhelmed feeling.

Mark The Boxes


After you travel to the new location and you have all the boxes sitting there in the living room, the last thing you want is to try sifting through all the boxes, not knowing what box goes where and what each box contains.

Instead, mark each box for the given room. Maybe use a color coding system, so all the boxes with yellow stickers go in the kid’s room while the green sticker boxes are for the kitchen.

Make it easy to identify and it helps speed up the unpacking process. After all, who wants to spend all that time unpacking the boxes.

Let the Movers Organize the Truck


Your moving professionals know how to pack a truck. It is more than just craving everything in like a game of Tetris. Weight distribution is important as well. It also depends on if you are using a moving truck or a moving trailer.

You generally want more of the weight placed towards the front of the truck/trailer (nearest to the driver’s seat), but you also want some weight distribution so all of the heavy furniture and boxes are not all in one location. You also want to have the heavier boxes placed on the truck first, so the lighter boxes can be placed on top.

If you are springing for movers before traveling out to your eventual destination but you are not paying for the entire loading, have them load the heavier boxes and furniture first. This way, you can stack the lighter boxes yourself.

Keep These At Hand

There are a few tools and items you want to have easy access to once your travel has completed and you’ve reached the final destination.

First, you want your vacuum. There’s a good chance you might want to run through the carpet or other areas of the new location before moving everything in.

The same is true with some basic cleaning gear. You don’t need the full gambit, but some essentials make cleaning prep easier.

Also, keep a tool box on hand. Having some screwdrivers and a hammer readily available is handy.

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