Hotel Review: Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Germany

[UPDATE: I stayed at the Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof in February 2012, this time in a studio apartment. Once again I had a wonderful experience and my top score of 6/6 remains in place – also for those travelling alone]

Having stayed at – and been wowed by – the Adina Apartment Hotel in Copenhagen, expectations were high when we arrived at one of the three properties Adina runs in the German capital. The hotel is about a ten minute walk from the new main station in Berlin (hence the name) or a couple of stops on the bus. If you’re travelling with more than hand luggage then it may be worth taking a taxi.

Ooh those lovely Berlin taxis. Are they all still Mercedes with leather seats?

Pretty much. It does seem rather grand if you’re used to South London mini-cabs but is basically par for the course in Germany. By the way the station itself is worth a look around; there are tracks running through the glass-dominated building on several levels, there’s practically a small town’s worth of shops and restaurants and the usual facilities for travellers. If you’ve seen ‘The International’ you can play out the opening scene on the area outside the entrance facing the Reichstag should you be so inclined.

A bit of a step up from the old Zoo station, right?

It certainly is; and gives arriving visitors a far better first impression of Berlin too.

Anyway back to the hotel…

Ah yes there was that. The Adina is located just over the former border in ex-East Berlin and to get there from Haupbahnhof entails walking past the site of the once notorious Invalidenstrasse checkpoint.

This was the scene of a failed escape attempt using a bus in May 1963 which was peppered by machine gun fire from the border guards and got wedged in a street blockade close to the Western side. The wounded would-be escapees were immediately arrested.

Plenty of grim stories have played out on these streets. Still, sounds like an ideal location for a place to stay then?

Yes, you’ve got the historic centre close by and Berlin’s excellent public transport system will get you wherever you need to go. There is also a bike stand for the fabulous scheme run by the German railway company DB right over from the hotel.

Okay, so we need somewhere to stay in Berlin…

Of course there are a mass of hotels to choose from but again if you are looking for a little more flexibility, travelling with children or planning to stay more than a couple of nights the Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof may provide the answer. Just as in Copenhagen, the property offers the facilities of an apartment (fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and dryer etc.) you get daily cleaning and concierge service and there’s a bar, restaurant, gym, sauna and an indoor pool.

Same kind of prices as in Denmark?

In fact the Adina in Berlin was a lot cheaper which makes it a real bargain. This is presumably due to the generally lower costs of accomodation in Berlin rates compared with Copenhagen. Once again the hotel runs about the same or less than a mid-range hotel and special offers are often available. Early booking will also ensure a good discount on the standard rate. Just as in the Danish capital families travelling with children will find an Adina apartment a much better deal than booking two hotel rooms and will be able to wash clothes too.

Okay, let’s have the low-down then…

Coming right up:

Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Platz vor dem Neuen Tor 6, 10115 Berlin, Germany  +49 30 2000 32-0



Late July 2011

Vital stats:

Four stars. Built in 2005. 139 rooms over 7 floors

Location, location, location?

As mentioned above the apartment hotel is located near the main station in the Mitte district. In other words very central and ideal for exploring both sides of the former path of the Wall which is marked on the ground:


What about parking?

Outdoor parking is available at extra cost. If you’re driving your own car, first of all don’t. But if for some reason you have to make sure you read up about the environmental zone which is in force in the city centre.

Why choose this place?

Continuing on from Copenhagen and travelling as a family on a two week holiday visiting several countries, the opportunity to wash clothes was a big plus. The rate was extremely good too for an almost identical one-bedroom apartment to the one we enjoyed so much in Denmark and we would have spent far more in a hotel. Again the pool was a major draw as was the proximity to the main station as we planned to take the train down to Tropical Islands to enjoy the crazy indoor water park.


Again the same set-up as in Copenhagen: three different types of room – or ‘suite’ as they call them – studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom. Studios do not have full kitchen facilities (but do have a fridge, kettle and microwave) or washing machine/dryer. The one-bedroom we stayed in was perfect for the three of us but we needed to pay for an extra bed which was set up in the lounge area. The suites are modern, stylish and have everything you need. Washing powder can be purchased in single-use packs. There is a supermarket close to the hotel and you can also make use of a grocery delivery service.

You get an LCD TV in both the bedroom and lounge, a work desk, CD player, hair-dryer, mini-bar and safe. All rooms are non-smoking.


Yes, but once again immaculately clean. Wooden/laminate floors are our first choice in hotels but when they are kept in such perfect condition carpets can be okay too. May be a problem for those with allergies but I highly doubt it – and of course the hotel is non-smoking.


Modern bathrooms with underfloor heating and complimentary toiletries. Washing machine and tumble dryer (with powder and instructions). Combined bath and shower.

Free internet I hope?

No. The charges are not excessive but we will continue to campaign for free hotel Wi-Fi. At least there is a signal in the rooms too, unlike in Copenhagen.

Bar and restaurant?

Both. Rather limited restaurant menu but a good selection of drinks.

Pool, sauna?

Yes, a very nice pool (although no jacuzzi this time) and sauna.

The same applies here as in Denmark: like all hotel pools it isn’t huge and would be impossible to use if all guests decided to jump in at the same time. However this is rather unlikely and overcrowding was not a problem. The opening hours are such that you can take an early dip before breakfast too, when you’ll likely be on your own. Relaxing in the pool after a day’s sightseeing is a real treat.

The breakfast was included, right?

Not with our rate, but it can be added to your bill. We did try the breakfast buffet and it was excellent; the attentive staff even ask you how you like your eggs, which is pretty unusual these days. I would have settled for “not powdered, please” so this was a nice touch. Again you could save money by going elsewhere (or indeed making it yourself) but this is supposed to be a holiday, right? We had no regrets about splurging here either.


Friendly reception and bar/restaurant staff. Great local knowledge and they can sell you a Welcome Card card which is a good deal. Efficient in ordering taxis etc. Check-out was smooth and speedy.

Any points/miles to earn?

No, as a small chain (at least in Europe) Adina has no loyalty programme, but we were offered a 10% discount on our next Adina booking if made within the next few months. It is definitely worth joining their mailing list as they have frequent special offers – a recent case in point being suites for just 50 Euros…

Can they look after your bags after you check out?

They can indeed and are happy to help out.

Green or mean?

No specific environmental information provided but I assume it meets or exceeds the strict green standards in force in Germany. This entry will be updated if we receive further details (I have contacted Adina about this).

The Damage

The one-bedroom suite with extra bed cost EUR 115.10 per night excluding breakfast. This was a very good rate and overnight costs do vary. It is generally chepeast at the weekend or with an advance booking deal. At the time of writing the same suite was available for EUR 112.50 for two persons (i.e. excluding extra bed).

Here is some video footage of the Adina Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof courtesy of


The verdict please your honour…

The Good

Same as in Denmark really – excellent facilities, clean room, comfortable beds, plenty of power sockets, relaxed atmosphere, friendly service; but with the added addition of a fantastic location.

The Bad

It would have been nice to have a jacuzzi although I doubt we’d have missed it if we hadn’t used the one in Copenhagen.

The Ugly

Not quite as heinous as in Copenhagen (and we let that one go when deciding the score) but internet access should really be free. This is the only real complaint and will not necessarily affect all guests, yet surely free internet wouldn’t cost the hotel much in this day and age?

Closing comments:

This hotel stands out from the pack in a city with a huge number of hotels. It even surpassed the superb Adina Copenhagen to really underline the consistent excellence of the brand. The Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof offers guests the best of both worlds and will be of great interest to families or longer-term visitors. The Adina is the best mid-range option in Berlin and joins its sister property in Copenhagen in gaining a top rating on Grown-up Travel Guide.

Final score: 6/6

Images (c) Adina Apartment Hotels

Please note: As with all destination articles the author travelled as a regular tourist – no mention was made of the fact that a review would be written, the establishment was not informed of the author’s intentions and no special discounts were enjoyed. This is a vital part of our aim to provide impartial and comprehensive advice.

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