How Neosurf Offers Seamless Casino Gaming Experience for New Zealanders

There’s no question how much convenience online casinos have brought to players. Gone are the days when one has to travel to land-based gambling sites just to place bets. Now you only need to have a device on hand and a steady, stable internet connection to enjoy real money casino games.

Everywhere online casino gaming is on the rise. In New Zealand, it has been reported that more adults or those 15 years or older have taken part in online casino gaming. And as more online casinos open, operators are adding more convenient payment options including  Neosurf vouchers.

Neosuf is fast growing in popularity among New Zealand casino players. Here’s why many are turning to this voucher payment option.

This article was written thanks to the research team of John Gold from BetPokies.

The Basics of Neosurf

Neosurf is a secure, convenient, and easy-to-use online payment method. With this voucher, you no longer need to provide credit card, bank account details, or any other personal information.

Launched in 2004, Neosurf was one of the first online prepaid payment products on the market. It started in France until the firm expanded its operations around Europe. These days, Neosurf is accepted by thousands of online merchants not just on online gambling sites but on other platforms as well.

You can buy a Neosurf voucher either at physical stores like convenience stores or gas stations. You can also buy the voucher online at authorized resellers or the Neosurf site directly.

Neosurf voucher cards are available in various denominations, which can range from NZ$ 10 to NZ$100.

How to Use Neosurf at Online Casinos

Here’s how you can use Neosurf vouchers on an online gambling site.

  • Choose your New Zealand online casino.
  • Choose Neosurf as your online payment method during checkout.
  • Type the 10-digit PIN code.

The Benefits of Neosurf Vouchers in Online Gambling

Neosurf vouchers offer many benefits to online casino players. Here are the major ones.

Security and Privacy

Privacy is one of the primary benefits offered by Neosurf to online casino players. One only has to enter the 10-digit codes in the online casino, which means minimizing the exposure of credit card or financial information of players.

Neosurf also uses the latest technologies to protect users’ information including 128-bit encryption.

Easy to use

Neosurf has an app for both Android and iOS, allowing users to access and use their Neosurf vouchers anytime and anywhere. The app lets users find the nearest store where vouchers can be bought, pay at different merchants or platforms, check balances and receive special promotions.

When funding your online casino account, you only need to head to the cashier or payment section and choose Neosurf as the payment option. Simply enter the 10-digit code of Neosurf to fund your online account.

Quick Payment

Payments made to your online casino account using Neosurf are credited immediately. There is no waiting or holding period. You will see your casino account balance updated quickly.

Neosurf also offers a way for users to keep track of their online casino expenses. Vouchers are available in different denominations and when your voucher has run out, you’ll need to buy again.

However, big rollers may have a hard time with this payment method since they’ll need to buy new vouchers once their casino funds have run out.

Bonuses and Promotions

Many New Zealand online casino players offer generous bonuses and promotions to those using Neosurf vouchers. These bonuses may vary as some are for new players, reloading account bonuses, or for being loyal patrons. Some bonuses may be claimed once or several times, while others can be availed with or without making a deposit.

Here are some of the bonuses and promotions you may avail of when using the Neosurf voucher.

  • Free spins
  • Reload bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Match deposit bonus
  • Casino merchandise
  • Casino credits
  • VIP points

Good Customer Service

Neosurf has a customer service team that’s available and accessible to players anywhere in the world. Players can get in touch with the customer service team for issues with their transfers, vouchers, or account security.

Final Words

Neosurf offers convenience, security, bonuses, and rewards to online casino players. It is for these reasons that many are choosing Neosurf vouchers as their payment method including online casino players in New Zealand.

Big rollers, however, may become impatient with this payment method as they need to purchase vouchers again. But for many online casino players, Neosurf offers them many benefits and is a good payment option.

Gambling can be both a destructive and addictive habit. If you or someone close to you is suffering from a gambling problem, then you can seek help by calling or texting the Problem Gambling Foundation of NZ 0800 664 262, or text 5819.

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