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Here’s some great tips for a country that will be the highlight of any trip to Europe. In many countries, you can easily get around using public transportation, but Norway isn’t really one of those countries. If your tour to Norway is going to be limited to the cities, then public transport is excellent, but if you want to explore the countryside, you’ll need to rent a car.

The best part of this is that driving in Norway is a fantastic experience. Actually, road trips should be the first choice when planning trips to Norway. Public transport can be expensive in Norway, and it is not very convenient, therefore if you’re traveling with other people and don’t want to join any of the group tours of Norway but expect to see as much of Norway as possible, you’re best off planning a trip by car here.

Renting a car in Norway is the best option for budget travelers not only because public transport is expensive here, but also because much cheaper accommodation can be found outside the main tourist areas which are reachable by car only. Therefore, a car trip in Norway will help to save on transportation and accommodation as well. And after all, road trips are so much fun!

Travel in Norway – plan for the whole trip by car

If you decide to explore Norway only by car, you can choose one of the few famous Scenic Routes. One of Scenic Route is from Oslo to Alesund.

The Route starts in Oslo, then heads west to Stavanger, then makes its way up north to Alesund via Bergen, Flam, and Geiranger.

Oslo is rather large, but getting around there is super easy, as there is a myriad of buses and trams throughout. It is possible to see the city highlights in 48 hours or so and head further to Stavanger.   It’s a small coastal town, charming and beautiful harbor with a fascinating mix of old and new, with some of the best-preserved wooden buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. From Stavanger to can hike to the famous Pulpit Rock, which is about 4-5 hours round trip.  

Further, the Route leads you to Bergen passing by lots of beautiful waterfalls. If you’re tight on time, you can drive directly to Bergen in about 4 hours, but you can make a few stops at the Norwegian countryside.

Bergen is absolutely beautiful! Surrounded by mountains and fjords, it is very much appealing to visitors! After spending a day enjoying all, it’s colorful highlights your trip proceeds to Alesund .

Alesund is a port town, meaning it’s right on the water, so expect some great views and lots of seafood! The city center has a very unique featuring Art Nouveau style.

If you are not yet tired, consider heading to the Atlantic Road, another famous Scenic Route, which is about two -three hours from Alesund.

Choosing a car to rent

Many vehicles in Norway are with manual transmission, so if you’re not comfortable driving a stick shift, you’ll need to make sure to reserve an automatic car. You’ll pay a few extra dollars a day, but worth it for your safety.

What is the most beautiful place in Norway to reach by car?

There are 18 Scenic Routes in Norway which are known to be the country’s most astonishing drives. You won’t be able to cover all of them during a few days in Norway, but you can see quite a lot taking one or two of the Routes. There are dozens of stunning places in Norway but don’t miss Gamle Strynefjellsvegen  – it is one of the most spectacular sceneries you’ll see in your entire life!

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