How To Plan The Perfect Trip To Europe


As 2021 comes to a close it’s time to start planning your holidays for 2022. Better still you might even be planning to jet off before the end of the year? Either way, planning a trip to Europe takes a little organisation, to help you make a start, here are seven simple tips.

  1.  Research destinations

If you want to plan the perfect trip you’ll need to research several different destinations. It can be good to have a vague idea of what you’re looking for beforehand. For example, are you looking for a relaxing beach break? A city jaunt? Perhaps a bit of both? Maybe you prefer outdoorsy holidays and are looking to plan a camping trip? Considering questions like these will help you to get the research process started.

  1. Figure out a budget

Once you’ve got a few destinations in mind you’ll want to figure out a budget. Determining how much you can spend makes it easier to create a shortlist. There are plenty of costs to factor in including flights, accommodation, insurance, activities, spending money. You’ll also need to think about any extra things you’ll need to buy before your trip whether it’s clothing items, cosmetics, or a new suitcase.

Write up your budget by hand or check out holiday budgeting apps like TravelSpend. This tool has lots of great features to help you create the perfect budget for you.

  1. Get booking

Once you’ve figured out your destination it’s time to get booking! When you book your flights and accommodation early this can help you to make some great savings. There might also be certain activities and transfers that you can book beforehand? Getting organised will help you when you come to plan your itinerary.

When you’re booking flights and accommodation it can be useful to take a look at price comparison websites. Here you can ensure that you get the cheapest deals, helping you and your family to save money. When you make savings on your flights and hotels, that’s more than you can spend when you’re away!

  1. Plan your itinerary

If you want to ensure an amazing trip it’s helpful to plan your itinerary beforehand. Creating a schedule can help you to fit in plenty of different activities, including the best beaches, historic landmarks, restaurants, and more.

Try to include relaxing days as well as busy days, and of course, leave a little room for spontaneity. If you’re travelling with children you’ll also need to consider the types of activities that they’d most enjoy.

If you need a little help sorting your itinerary check out the Wanderlog app, this tool makes the process simple with plenty of handy features.

  1. Important documents

Ensuring that your trip runs smoothly means arranging all of your important documents in good time. You’ll need to arrange a good travel and health insurance policy, to make sure that your health and your belongings are covered.

Previously you didn’t need a visa to travel from the UK to Europe, but the law is set to change soon. To find all the information you need about visas when travelling to Europe, check out

  1. Traveling with kids

If you’re planning a trip with children you might need to make a few extra preparations. For instance, if your kids are afraid of flying you might need to put a few strategies in place. The best thing to do is to address your child’s fears and have a good talk with them. Besides this, ensure that you bring plenty of activities so that they are distracted while on the plane!

Children can be a little fussy when it comes to eating new foods, so you’ll need to be a little patient with them. If your children are a little older you can ask them if there are any activities that they are particularly interested in doing. Planning a trip can be lots of fun when everyone contributes.

  1. Apps to help

There are lots of cool apps which can help you to plan a fun trip to Europe. Four Square can help you to get info about the best restaurants, and WithLocals can help you to search for interesting local tours.

Rome to Rio is a great app that can help you to plan transport options, and Duo Lingo can help you with a few key phrases. Be sure to download a few of these nifty apps before you set off on your trip.

Heading off to Europe is super exciting, with the right preparation and tools you’ll plan an unforgettable trip. Whether you’re visiting Italy or staying in a luxury holiday home in Croatia, getting prepped will ensure that you have a fantastic time.

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Andy Higgs

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