Incredible secrets for surviving when everything goes wrong

When traveling in remote corners of our planet, you can instantly find yourself in an extreme situation when everything seems stacked against you. In this case, you need to instantly calm down, gain control, and then remember the secrets of survival. If you don’t know them yet, then read our article. Who knows, maybe one day, this information will save your life.

Secrets of finding food and water

To survive in the wild, you need to eat and drink regularly. Only in this case will there be enough energy to perform other essential tasks. To find food for yourself, you will have to try hard since not everywhere can you pick edible berries from a bush, pick some fruits from a tree, or catch fish in a pond. In the most extreme situations, when the chances of finding food are minimal, you need to eat everything you can find. This primarily concerns insects and various invertebrates.

All of them are a source of multiple nutrients necessary to maintain the functioning of all body systems. The main secret to finding such food is to inspect the wettest areas. It is there that various types of worms, crickets, and grasshoppers are most often seen. You can also look for them in rotten logs, under the bark of healthy trees, and in thick grass. In addition to insects and invertebrates, eggs can become food for a traveler struggling to survive.

They can be obtained in bird nests, underground masonry, or tree hollows. You can even eat tree bark, herbs and cacti in the most challenging situations.

Finding water is an even higher priority for a traveler in a problematic situation. You can get it from freshwater bodies in a particular area. If they are not there, then you will have to improvise. Collecting every drop is the main secret to surviving in such a situation. It can be obtained from the surface of plants (dew and water accumulated on the leaves after rain), from underground (underground rivers), and from the air (if there is high humidity in the travel areas).

Another essential secret that will help you find water is the ability to monitor various living creatures. For example, if you follow roe deer and other herbivores, sooner or later, they will go to quench their thirst and lead you to a pond. You can also find a colony of ants that can reach the moisture present in the bark of trees. If you follow the insects, you can get a few life-saving drops.

Secrets of Making Fire Quickly

In survival, a traveler must start a fire as quickly as possible. Its presence will enable heat treatment of found food and water, keep warm during falling air temperatures, and protect against attacks by predators. To achieve the desired result, you must use the friction method.

The secret to success in this matter is to use the driest wood possible. Moss, leaves, bark, animal hair and other plant materials can be used as initial material for starting a fire. They can flare up even from a minimal spark or high temperature generated by friction if they are dry.

An alternative method for making fire involves using the lenses you have with you. Lenses can be found in glasses, binoculars, night vision devices, cameras and similar devices. Using a lens, you need to direct a beam of sunlight onto a previously prepared pile of moss, dry leaves, or even your hair, which is torn from your head. If everything is done correctly, smoke will appear first, then fire.

Secrets of proper shelter arrangement

Travelers in extreme situations and forced to fight for their lives must find and properly arrange shelter. It will help you escape precipitation and spend the night in a safer environment. As a shelter, you can use various objects created by nature (caves, cavities in the rock, several trees falling on each other, etc.). If they are not nearby, the best option would be a self-built canopy made from branches and leaves of large trees.

When arranging your shelter, be sure to make a slight elevation. It will make it possible to avoid direct contact with the cold. You can also make bedding from leaves, moss and pine needles. These materials retain heat well; you will feel more comfortable once your body heats them. You can wrap your body in film if you think it’s cold anyway.

It provides excellent thermal insulation and will keep you from freezing. Dried leaves should be used as a more naturally available alternative. They can be placed between two layers of clothing or even covered under underwear. This option will be less comfortable, but all methods are suitable for survival.

Before you set off, leave your travel itinerary with someone you know or a relative. In case of trouble, this will enable rescuers to find you faster. In their work, they will use various thermal imaging equipment, significantly increasing the event’s chances of success. If you do not know – there is no chance that infrared can see through walls and other obstacles, then always leave a reminder of your presence inside the shelter outside. This will enable rescuers to notice traces of a person’s presence and find you faster. Smoke can be used as a signal. It is caused by wet leaves and news being thrown into the fire.

Secrets to eliminating health problems

Even the most minor damage in extreme conditions can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, a traveler in a difficult situation should be as careful as possible, thinking through each subsequent step and action performed. You need to find a natural disinfectant to minimize the risk of health problems. The best option available in nature is ash. It can be used to wipe hands and obtain food.

In addition to ash, fire is an excellent killer of harmful bacteria. With its help, you can turn even water from a puddle into drinkable water. Fire will also help to disinfect various metal objects and prepare potentially dangerous food products (for example, caught fish may be full of parasites, but after heat treatment, they will all die and become safe for humans).

Blood-sucking insects can pose a severe danger to travelers. To get rid of them, you need to use various herbal ingredients. For example, using pine needles can prevent attacks by mosquitoes and some types of ticks. If you crush them with a stone and rub the resulting mass on exposed areas of the body, the pests will avoid you. It is equally important to protect yourself from dangerous predators.

Fire will help reduce the likelihood of their attack. If you place it near the entrance to the shelter, the risk of an animal attack will be minimized.

When traveling to places far from civilization, you may encounter a situation where you have to survive in the wild. In this case, you need to remember our article and its secrets. If you carefully study them, you can apply the acquired knowledge in practice and complete your journey.

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