Inspiring Italy – 3 Places You Have to Visit

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Italy is a country of stunning natural beauty, rich history and culture as well as delectable cuisine.

Below we have selected three of our favourite Italian destinations that you simply have to visit…


It is easy to be enamored by Tuscany’s beauty and culture. The region is steeped in some of the world’s most tantalizing, artistic scenes. However that is not all that inspires here, with its vibrant gastronomic scene, wine, stunning coastal nature as well as large countryside mansions and great villas like this.

If you want to tour Tuscany, you absolutely have to start with Florence. This area is literally a living museum, with fine examples of the Renaissance on display everywhere. Visit Michelangelo’s genius construct, the San Lorenzo library, before heading to other sites such as the Cathedral, Santa Maria Novella, among others. The Pitti Palace’s refined art collection will make a student out of you yet. This area also boasts of other artistic cities such as Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Arezzo, and even Cortona. In your pursuit of refined city life, please do not ignore the beautiful picturesque countryside waiting to be explored as well.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast offers a fantastic array of tourist activities for those seeking inspiration. The legendary coast has inspired numerous of artists, and a quick tour helps you see just why.

Cultured tourists will not be left feeling disappointed. Art museums such as the Museo della Carta (Paper Mill Museum) are unusually attractive, while the Amalfi Coast Festival brings together art enthusiasts from all over the world. Architectural sights such as the Cathedral featuring ancient master class art and beautiful engineering feats will excite.

If you want to slow things down, the beautiful beaches, lush valleys, and amazing countryside are enough to rejuvenate anyone. Starting at Naples you can enjoy the stunning Amalfi Drive, stopping frequently at villages for fruit and sights. And if you feel like being a little more active, ensure you go out to the Africana Club with its glass dance floor and fish swimming by underneath or take in the beautiful coastal scenery by foot.

Make sure you grab yourself a bottle of Limoncello, liquor associated with this region made from locally grown lemons.


Sardinia is a place of nature and mystery, with an amazing blend of beautiful beach life and a surprising mountainous interior within a 9,301 square mile area. Here, with a population of 1.3million people and 4 million sheep lies stunning scenery and a fierce protected identity of the island people. Sardinia is also home to some fantastic hotels and great family friendly villas.

Discover the mystery of the 7000 nuraghi, unknown ruins from the Bronze age that litter the island area. Experience the action adventure from coast to inland: hiking in oak forests and stumble on wild horses within the Giara di Gesturi. Beach life is ever so vibrant, with celebrities gracing the some of the most understated beach property in Europe.

Indeed, Sardinia’s cuisine is a touch bit different from the rest of Italy, with its own home grown cheeses, wines, and even pasta. You have to try out the local food, it is criminal not to! With such a variety of sights and sounds, Sardinia makes for an unforgettable destination.

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