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Milan Expo 2015

From May to October 2015, Milan is hosting a 6 month long food festival, and with approximately 130 countries taking part, there’s no doubt that visitors will be spoiled for choice when it comes to street food, pop-up restaurants, and other gustatory delights. Whether you choose to visit during the expo, or at some other time, don’t let the unforeseen spoil your trip: travel insurance, even in Europe, is a necessity for peace of mind.

A Milanese Must

When in Milan, you just can’t miss Luini Panzerotti. Serving up hot and delicious panzerotti (a cross between mini calzone and Cornish pasties) just a short walk from the Duomo, this Milan institution serves up the freshest and tastiest panzerotti in the city.

While purists say that it’s not truly authentic, as panzerotti is really a southern Italian food, the lunchtime crowds -made up of Milanese and tourists alike- beg to differ. Don’t be put off by the queues: this is fast food, Milanese style, and you won’t be waiting more than 15 minutes at the most to get your hands on a delectable spicy sausage, ricotta & spinach, or tomato and mozzarella panzerotti. Devour on the street with your hands.

Pizza, Pizza, Everywhere

It wouldn’t be Italy if there wasn’t pizza, so indulge yourself at Spontini Pizzeria (Via Santa Radegonda, 11), where the deliciously soft dough is made according to a secret and time-honoured recipe.

Loved by the locals, the eccentrically named Johnnypizzaportafoglio at Viale Bligny 16 has real Neapolitan pizza in the middle of Milan- and with fantastically fresh ingredients, friendly service, and a lively atmosphere, you won’t do better for pizza anywhere in the city.

The surroundings are a little spartan, and it’s located in the University quarter, meaning that the clientele are all pretty young, but don’t let that put you off: this is upscale pizza at bargain prices.
Milan on a Budget

Milan may be an expensive city, but there are still some great value and free things to do. Visiting the Duomo, as well as the city’s other churches, is actually free. Of these, the San Bernardino alle Ossa is particularly worth visiting for its eerie bone chapel.

Visiting l’Acquario (the aquarium) will set you back just €5, but the real draw is the gorgeous building, constructed in the classic Milanese Liberty style, with its quirky hippo fountain- and seeing that doesn’t cost anything at all.
If all the wandering is making you hungry, try a classic Milanese trattoria: evergreen Trattoria al Castello on Via Giovanni Pascoli, 2 is arguably the city’s best, and with meals from just €10, you can eat like a king with the locals under faded pictures of vintage aeroplanes (it’s near the airport). Local food blogs rave about this traditional eaterie’s gnocchi al ragù.

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