10 day Italian road trip

Italy Unveiled: Uncovering Hidden Gems in Every Region

10 day Italian road trip

Italy is a country that holds considerable appeal for the world’s travelers. Throughout its history, it’s been pivotal for European civilization, and you’ll find a wealth of inspiring nature, architecture, and food here – depending on which parts of the country you’re visiting. It’s not by accident that Italy is such a popular destination for honeymooning couples.

Of course, it’s impossible to see everything that Italy has to offer in a single trip. Different times of year offer different experiences, as do the various parts of the country. For this reason, it’s worth focussing your research on the region and time you’re going to be visiting. That way, you won’t leave with any regrets about missed opportunities.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular parts of Italy, and what we might focus on.


Lombardy is a place that’s synonymous with glamour. It’s here we find the world’s fashion capital, Milan, as well as the jaw-dropping spectacle of Lake Como, whose shores are lined with luxury villas and lodges.

If you’re traveling during winter, then the ski opportunities here are difficult to pass up. You can head up to Bormio of Livigno and enjoy a little tax-efficient retail therapy after you’re done on the slopes. As far as food goes, the menu in Lombardy tends toward the hearty and warming, with rich, butter-filled risottos being a favorite. Try the pasta al Mascarpone – it’s rich, indulgent, and packed with cheesy flavor.


For those in search of wonderful coastlines and ample outdoor opportunities, the shores of Puglia are difficult to beat. The hills bordering the coast are perfect for walking holidays in Italy, and you’ll have the inspiring sight of the Adriatic and Ionian seas to keep you putting one foot in front of the other. Best of all, this is a region that doesn’t attract many tourists – which means that, if you head here at the right time of year, you won’t have to contend with crowds.


Neighboring Veneto provides a similarly dazzling collection of natural sights to see, including the amazing Lake Garda, and the Adriatic Sea. Of course, the most famous place to visit in this part of the world is Venice. But while you’re in the region you might also pay for a trip to Verona.

Venice is not a large city, but it’s still easy to overlook certain special corners of the place if you’re not sufficiently diligent. You might look at the island of Burano, which is surrounded by incredible fishing spots and offers a wealth of seafood-based cuisine.

Treviso is also worthy of mention. This place has given birth to two of Italy’s most famous culinary exports: Tiramisu and Prosecco. Make a point of stopping and sampling the authentic version of both of them!

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