It’s time to re-assess the cruise concept

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As we have mentioned in the past, cruise holidays are possibly the most misunderstood type of travel out there. If the idea of going on a cruise fills you with dread because you think it’s only a pastime of the old set, you may inadvertently be missing out on the trip of a lifetime.

Cruises are not what they used to be – yes, statistically the majority of passengers are still at the upper end of the age range, but new offerings tailored to younger adventurers are coming onto the market on an almost weekly basis.

So our advice is simple – leave your prejudices behind and take a serious look at a cruise package. You may well find something perfect for your interests, no matter how niche they may appear to be. How about a KISS themed cruise, for example?

Well perhaps not.

Do your research

Yet there is something for everyone – from small luxury cruise liners to the huge floating cities (countries?) that ply the harbours of the world.

Cruises are prefect to get a taste of many different parts of the world and there are a whole range of exciting activities available both onboard and whilst on dry land.

Anyway, do your research and see what you can find. Just follow a few simple rules – don’t forget your vaccinations and medical check – you may end up in exotic countries and must take the same precautions as if you were travelling independently.

Visas are also essential where they are required. Just because you arrive at sea doesn’t change this aspect.

Find the right operator

You will soon find that there are many specialist cruise agencies out there. Make sure you check the online reviews and use a reputable company. We would also recommend looking at packages on offer from the shipowners themselves – and given our Norwegian slant, we reckon you can’t get much better than the experience on a Fred Olsen Cruise ship – but don’t just take our word for it, read the fabulous feedback on the internet!

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Andy Higgs

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