Let’s Rough It This Year: Can You Handle A Budget Vacation?

There’s nothing that strikes fear into the heart of any traveller who likes a little luxury than the words ‘Let’s rough it this year’. But there are definite ways to make sure that you enjoy your budget vacation just as much as a luxury one. Read on for how…

Cut Your Luggage Down


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First of all, take a look at what you plan to take with you, and ruthlessly start cutting it down. If you’re going on a budget vacation, you probably don’t need any dress shoes or any cocktail dresses. Try to take a capsule wardrobe and figure out which of your clothes go well with the other.

Make sure you check out the weather forecast to ensure you’re dressing weather appropriately. If you have less luggage and you’re carrying it around yourself, you’ll definitely appreciate your foresight while you’re there.

Pre-Plan Your Vacation


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We all know that in order to save money in any parts of our lives, it’s absolutely crucial to start budgeting. This doesn’t end just because you’re going on vacation – although you may usually like to use that time to splash out and indulge yourself, this time’s going to be different. Check out what attractions you want to see before you leave, and make a list of them along with their prices.

You could also make a list of budget yet delicious restaurants to visit – cheap doesn’t mean that the food won’t be tasty! In fact, cheaper restaurants are often more authentic. Make sure you give yourself some space to change plans if you want to.

Look For Online Deals


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If you want to go on a budget vacation, then you should also try to cut down on the cost of flights and accommodation. Look online for deals like those on Expedia, and get organised – make a list of what each deal offers you and which would best suit you and your family.

Make sure that you don’t just take the first deal that you’re offered: you can always do better.

Go With An Apartment Rental


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It’s time to ditch your normal luxury hotels for a week or two. Instead, check out Airbnb to get a deal on a great apartment. Make sure you check out the ratings and reviews of each property you consider and look at its location.

Renting an apartment instead of a hotel room might also help you to save money on food as you can buy your lunch in a supermarket instead of going to a restaurant, or maybe even stay in for dinner one evening.

Get Into The Spirit Of It


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Remember, most importantly, you want to make yourself enjoy your vacation, even if you don’t think you’re going to. No one likes a fun sponge, and you’ll be thankful when you look at your bank account when you get home and think of all the money you saved.

It’s a different experience to a luxury vacation, but it can be just as much fun if you plan it carefully and get into the spirit of it. Go into it with a positive attitude: if you determine that you’re going to have fun, you absolutely will.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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