London’s chic neighbourhood of Fitzrovia

London is home to some of the most exclusive real estate in the world. Its trendy districts of Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill and Pimlico etc. are known the world over as being out of the most sought after postal codes in the world.

One such exclusive area that is to the North of Soho, close to Oxford Street is the chic neighbourhood of Fitzrovia. It is about a 20-minute ride from any of the hotels in Paddington London. Its leafy pavements are home to fabulous mansions, former warehouses and Edwardian era apartments. While Fitzrovia maybe classy now, it was not always this way. It underwent a renaissance from a sleepy part of town, when gallery owners found it to be the perfect spot to make it a bustling arts hot spot of the city.


Consequently, a number of high end hotels, restaurants and bars followed suit. Since then the area has become the artistic hub of the city with new museums and galleries popping up in every now and then. From medieval to modern and contemporary art you will find it all in the art galleries of Fitzrovia. Now it is an area where many celebrities choose to stay in London, with even the pop diva Madonna having her home in the area.

Step out of the Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel and you will be a short distance away from some of the best art galleries in Fitzrovia. These include….

The Fitzrovia Gallery: If you are an admirer of genuine fine art that exceptional gallery is the place not to miss on a visit to Fitzrovia. What makes the gallery really special is its management, which goes to great lengths to ensure that all visitors have a most interesting and enjoyable experience at the gallery. The Fitzrovia is known to offer a platform to new and upcoming artists from across the world, while offering them a rare opportunity to showcase their creations to the art world. Each and every exhibition is known for its unique individuality. If you are passionate about the best in contemporary fine art, then a visit to the Fitzrovia Gallery is a must!

Rook and Raven: The Rook and Raven could best be described as a quirky gallery that has a vast collection of contemporary art on display from a host of talented artists. Here you will find stunning exhibitions which feature paintings, sculptures and ornate embroidery among other mediums of art. And the staff at the gallery is well trained, informative, and friendly, which makes it an even more pleasurable a place to visit.


Getty Images Gallery:  For those who enjoy photography this is just the place to visit. It has an impressive collection of some of the greatest photographs and images from all over the world.  The gallery’s collection is certainly second to none in terms of the sheer variety and volume of exhibits to be found here. Visitors are captivated by the myriad of photographs, prints and negatives that are on exhibit. The collection ranges from the early 19th century (the early days of photography) to contemporary times. IF you want to see some of the finest photographs ever clicked then a visit to the Getty Images Gallery is not to be missed.

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery: The gallery has such a vast collection that it needed to be divided into two galleries at different locations, with one on Charlotte Street and the other at Conway Street. It has a superb collection of contemporary Western art, which has earned it acclaim and recognition all over the art world. It is renowned for its originality and over the years has exhibited works of some of the finest contemporary artists including Helen Flockhart. The gallery has accomplished its fair share of accolades and achievements, and also had recently collaborated with the British Museum on a joint arts venture. Visitors to the gallery are always impressed by the sheer talent of the curated pieces and beauty of presentation of exhibitions held here.

The Movie Poster Art Gallery: If you are a film buff this is one place that you will definitely love to visit. The Movie Poster Art Gallery has an incredible collection of film posters ranging from the classics to the latest Hollywood blockbusters that will leave you spellbound. They have just about everything from stills to iconic original movie posters and lots more to see. You could even buy a poster or two and make use of their framing service, to get your chosen poster framed to display back home.

The Wallace Collection: Another gem among the many fine museums in London, the Wallace Collection is located in one of the best spots of London. It is housed in a stunning townhouse close to Fitzrovia and is home to some of the finest collections of art among other items. These include antique furniture, a magnificent display of French painting from the 18th century and also an armoury. The museum regularly organises classes for those who want to increase their knowledge of art and learn about the subtleties and nuances of it. It offers a rare and fascinating insight into French history as well!

Saatchi & Saatchi: When it comes to some of the best known art galleries in Europe, Saatchi & Saatchi is right up there. Founded by art connoisseur Charles Saatchi in 1985, it is one of the most respected and well known art galleries in London. The gallery is renowned for its exceptional exhibitions of contemporary art, by some of the most acclaimed artists of our times. Each and every piece is carefully selected and masterfully curated, which makes its collections one of the most sought after in the city. Saatchi & Saatchi is the place to see the best in contemporary art in the city!


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