Making CBD Tinctures Your New Best Friend

I don’t think I can remember life before CBD, not to mention how convenient and compact the products are becoming these days, but to be honest I don’t want to either. I was first introduced to CBD when I wanted to be a more active, fitter, and healthier version of myself and signed up for a beginner’s gym class down at my local fitness center.

The night before I would have to pre-pack and prepare my gym gear, supplements and capsules included as this is what I was told would make me feel and look my best, I didn’t mind taking them, my only issue was the size of it all.

There were shaker bottles, little pouches with powder and scoops inside, then my lunch boxes with the CBD baked goodies (see a winning recipe when you click here) I had been experimenting with and it soon added up. I would need two bags every day just to make a gym run before work it was madness.

As I noticed more products coming out in the CBD range, I decided to look back into it again in case I was missing something new and innovative even though CBD was as modern edge as it goes at the time, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Out with the old and in with the new.

While I didn’t completely stop using all the wonderful Cannabidiol products that have changed my life since using them I knew that as my work schedule got busier I didn’t have as much time to mix and compile all the necessary protein powders or take handfuls of supplements just to fuel my body with the nutrients and minerals it needed. I needed something that was, essentially, an all-in-one, something I could grab and go with as I headed out the door in what is usually a mad rush and hoping I hadn’t forgotten anything.

So when I came across and read more about the new tincture range I knew I had found the product that was perfect for me and I was right. I did a bit of homework into how it all works and how such a small and compact little bottle could offer the same benefits of your usual packaging, found one that suited my needs in terms of dosage and concentration, and purchase a batch online straight away.

Tincture explained.

Some people may not have heard of tinctures or have a different idea of what it may mean. So in simple terms, a tincture is a concentrated extract of either an animal or a plant with its roots, and these along with other natural flavorings such as bark or berries or leaves are soaked in alcohol or vinegar, and some cases ethanol.

As the ingredients soak in the liquid, the active parts are extracted and converted into the concentrated liquid form which is then used in medicines and other variants, and my case into CBD oil.

Just a few drops under the tongue and I had everything I needed, a mental boost to tackle the day and its dreaded tasks, a physical maintenance check which is naturally done when CBD is part of your lifestyle, and a pick me up for a morale enhancer when that second coffee is just not as effective as you need it to be. Win-win.

To find out more and see what variation would best work for you, check out for a look at what options are available on the market and to read up about how CBD can be the positive change in your life you have been looking for.

Choosing the best fit.

You have heard all the rave reviews and success stories with more pouring in daily and you want to get your hands on some, this step on your CBD journey is the most crucial and will be worth taking that extra time to do it right, choosing a reliable and reputable product.

There are a few key features to be aware of when shopping for Cannabidiol and if these foundation elements are right you won’t have to worry about an ineffective or incorrect product and you can simply enjoy the health advantages this natural plant has to offer.

Let’s take a quick look at a few to get you on your way.

  • Ensure that the product is being produced ethically and without using harmful chemicals such as pesticides or growth hormones, this way you know you are using an all-natural product safe for consumption.
  • The label should clearly state the volume and concentration of not only the CBD content but more importantly the THC amount which should be less than and certainly no more than 0.3%.

There are other elements to look at when choosing the right CBD product for you, the more you read up and research the better your experience will be.

  • As mentioned the CBD content too is vitally important, you want to use a product that with the CBD you feel the effects and benefit from its aid concerning any health issues or ailments you may be experiencing at the time.

 If it is not a reliably sourced item your product may be ‘diluted’ essentially and thus using it will have no changes, or perhaps you may think to use more than the required dosage to feel an effect that could have negative long-term consequences. 

At the end of the day we are responsible for our actions, use CBD safely and willingly, and enjoy the quality of life, with CBD, that you know you can have.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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