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Just because the summer seems to be reaching an abrupt end in northern Europe, don’t give up on getting some sun without having to travel half way round the world.

The popular island getaway of Tenerife has enough warm sands, crystal seas and hot sun to keep tourists coming back, year after year. Its resorts are filled with party-goers in the summer months but the year-round pleasant climate makes Tenerife a good off-peak option as well. Considered by some to be one of the pricier Canary Islands, there is still good value to be found here.

First of all you’ll need to find a flight to Tenerife, which shouldn’t be a problem if you use a reputable agent. There are plenty of options for accommodation, too. It may be cheaper than you think to grab a resort holiday as there are bargains to be had between September and April.

Once you’ve landed there are a number of options for onward travel; instead of hiring a car you could use the surprisingly efficient bus service and even pick up a few discounts at museums if you purchase a ‘Bono’ travel card from stations.

As far as sight-seeing goes, the general rules apply about steering clear of the crowds. Instead of heading to the south coast, travel further north and west in search of less tourist-packed areas.

Central Tenerife offers a huge expanse of mountain country in the Parque Nacional del Teide, with its alien-like rock formations and numerous climbing and hiking opportunities. Many of the popular activities around here occur outdoors, and are therefore low-cost.

Other hotspots include the black sand beach at Puerto de la Cruz, which is a favourite haunt of the locals and usually a quieter spot than the golden shores of nearby La Paz. Discounts can be found even at family attractions such as the wildlife and parrot haven, Loro Parque, and the thrilling Siam Park – if you’re planning to do both, the combined ticket can save you a few a bit of cash.

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Eating and drinking on holiday can be expensive but a little know-how will get you far. Go for set menu choices at Tenerife restaurants to get the best deals or put a limit on eating out by booking self-catered accommodation and buying local produce. With nightlife, it’s often a case of location: a night out in the more traditional capital Santa Cruz will cost less and feel more authentic than the glittering clubs of Las Americas.

However you choose to do it, planning a Tenerife holiday carefully will help to reduce overall costs. Consulting reviews from fellow travellers and checking online forums in advance are both good ways of ensuring you get the most out of your money.

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