Melbourne Transport Travel Tips: How To Travel Around The City During A Holiday

Melbourne Australia March 27th 2019 : Panoramic view of the beautiful city of Melbourne as captured from above the Yarra river on a summer day

Melbourne is a city that is known for its cultural diversity, amazing street art, excellent dining options, and its many laneways. Also, it’s the coffee capital of Australia and one of the most livable cities in the world. Traveling around the city during the holidays is a good idea so that you can see the dynamic beauty of Melbourne.

Whether you’re traveling alone, with your special someone, or with a large group, taking reliable and safe transportation is crucial for a safe and happy trip. So, how do you travel around the city conveniently and hassle-free?

In this post, you’ll learn how to travel around Melbourne on your next holiday trip.

Airport Shuttle: Upon Airport Arrival

It would be best to have a mode of transport ready upon your arrival at the airport for a hassle-free Melbourne travel adventure. In Melbourne, the four airports are the Melbourne International Airport, Essendon Airport, Moorabbin Airport, and the Avalon Airport.

Airport transportation services, like Jayride, offer a safe and comfortable ride from the airport to your hotel or any other destination in Melbourne. You can take advantage of such service, so you don’t have to worry about commuting your way to your hotel lodge and accommodation, most especially if you have a lot of travel luggage for the whole family.

Here are the benefits of hiring an airport transportation service:

  • Eliminates stress and worry about not making it on time for your flight
  • Smooth and convenient ride
  • Safe driving to or from the airport
  • Say goodbye to messy trip and handling potential issues like traffic and directions

Shuttle Bus: Good for Family and Group City Tours

It’s easy to get to one tourist destination in Melbourne or anywhere else if you’re by yourself or with one or two travel buddies. However, if you’re with a group, it’s best to hire a shuttle bus service. Because proper communication becomes more difficult, organizing a holiday trip with a large group usually has underlying stress.

In Melbourne, a large group of adults and children can visit the famous Flinders Street Station, wherein you’ll find the busiest railway station in Australia inside, and just across the road, you’ll get a fascinating and unique architectural design. Also, children would love to visit how things work at Scienceworks, as it houses science exhibits, events, and workshops and includes a planetarium, a mini-metropolis, and a lightning room.

With many things to see in the city, hiring a professional shuttle bus service is the best solution that can eliminate any problem or risk associated with missing a meeting or someone getting lost or left behind.

Here are the benefits of using a shuttle service:

  • Safety: When it comes to group transportation, safety must be the number one priority. Also, shuttle bus companies have experienced drivers, so you can simply sit back and relax as you take selfies and view the landmarks and scenes of the beautiful city.
  • Great Amenities: The beneficial amenities usually provided by shuttle services include a restroom, comfortable seats, controlled temperature, and extended storage, which improves a long, fun, and exciting Melbourne trip.
  • Organization: Riding a shuttle service is convenient, smooth, and easy, and everyone is safe and can fully enjoy the Melbourne holiday vacation. You can’t expect to go to the next Melbourne tourist destination, like the Botanic Gardens, without everyone present and safe. You can even also hire one tour guide to ensure a safer and enjoyable experience.
  • Private Transportation: Enjoy privacy because shuttle service allows you to travel only with your group as compared to other modes of public transportation. This gives everyone the opportunity to relax, collaborate, and chat and share stories while on the road.
  • Stress-free: Say goodbye to renting cars, carpooling, or finding directions on your own or with a large group. You don’t have to worry about how to get from one place to another and avoid delays, confusion, and potential problems on the way.

Private Car Hire: Personalized Melbourne Travel Experience

Melbourne has both man-made and natural landmarks that both locals and tourists love to go to. One of the best ways to explore rare areas and uncrowded places is by hiring a private car with a chauffeur service.

Private care rentals or chauffeur services aren’t only intended for the rich. In fact, it is more affordable than you can imagine because they provide predictable pricing for a premium service. Tour around Melbourne with your own private driver and avoid dealing with directions, traffic jams, confusion, and other problems on the road.

Here’s how to travel around Melbourne with a private car hire:

  • Visit More Places: Get to visit more places in Melbourne with chauffeur services, whether you’re a nature-lover, food, and wine connoisseur, spa-goer, history buff, or fisher and surfer because you don’t have to worry about parking difficulties. Your private driver can drop you off and pick you up in any location at your utmost convenience.
  • Arrive On Time: Your chauffeur service driver knows the best route to get you in any location right on time by checking advance potential issues like traffic and weather conditions. You can simply relax and sit until you get to your destination without delays, most especially if your Melbourne trip also includes an hour or two of business meetings or corporate events.

Best Things to Do and Visit in Melbourne

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – JAN 15, 2015: Flinders street Station on Australia Day in Melbourne on Jan 15, 2015. Australia.Flinders street Station is the biggest station in Melbourne.

Once you have chosen the best transport service for you, you’re ready to explore Melbourne and fulfill your itinerary, including the following best things to do and visit in Melbourne:

  1. Explore the green Royal Botanic Gardens
  2. Wander around the laneways and arcades of Melbourne
  3. Visit The National Gallery of Victoria
  4. Visit Melbourne’s excellent markets
  5. Boat and fish at Barwon River
  6. Visit the lavish Bendigo
  7. Dine and drink wine at Yarra Valley
  8. Hike at Cathedral Range State Park
  9. Head to Phillip Island
  10. Chill and relax and St. Kilda Beach


Melbourne is a great city to explore, and it has a lot of things to offer to all local and foreign tourists. You can travel around the city in many ways, like walking or commuting, but it’s best to hire the services of professional airport shuttle service, shuttle bus, or private car rentals with chauffeur services so you can enjoy hassle-free and stress-free Melbourne holiday trip.

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